Wednesday 16 October 2013

Mix and Match Scroll Texts

By THLaird Colyne Stewart

With thanks to the authors of the Knowne World’s scribal handbooks.


SCA Award scrolls have their wordings based on period texts (often legal proclamations). These texts were made up of certain sections, some of which SCA scribes have adapted. Though exactly what sections are used (and in which order they are used) may vary slightly from kingdom to kingdom, the end results are still remarkably similar. The sections listed below are to be found in all standard award texts in every kingdom EXCEPT the Affirmation, which is only used in certain kingdoms (and even in those kingdoms, it is not necessarily used on every award).

  • The Address, or opening, proclaims to the populace the impending action,
  • The Intitulation contains the name(s) of the monarch(s) who are bestowing the award,
  • The Notification and Exposition state the reason for the action being proclaimed,
  • The Disposition names the recipient, the award and the reason they are receiving it,
  • The Blazon and Emblazon (words and depiction) of the Arms (on those occasions when Arms are given),
  • The Corroboration affirms the action,
  • The Location and Date (many kingdoms include the modern year as well),
  • The Royal signature block,
  • Affirmation and Herald’s signature block
Here is an example of an award scroll I wrote, broken into these sections (except for the blazon and emblazon, as the recipient already had Arms, and the Affirmation, which is not used in my kingdom):

[Address]: TO ALL AND SINGULAR as well Nobles and Gentles as others to whom these presents shall come [Intitulation]: from Trumbrand and Kaylah, King and Queen of the realm of Ealdormere, that stretches from Lacus Ealdormearc in the South to the reaches of the Far North, and from Lacus Pentamerus in the West to the borders of the Kingdom of the East, send greetings in our Grace everlasting.

[Notification and Exposition]: WHEREAS anciently from the beginning the valiant and virtuous acts of worthy persons have been commended to the world with sundry monuments and remembrances of their good deserts. [Disposition]: Amongst these stands the Award of the Orion, which was devised in the beginning to recognize the skill of artisans.

AND being deserved, Ysabeau D’Comport, in the region of the Rising Waters, is hereby so recognized for her skill in the research of clothing and the culinary arts and granted said Award of the Orion.

[Corroboration]: IN WITNESS WHEROF We Trumbrand and Kaylah have set hereunto Our hand, and seal, [Location and Date]: this [ ] day of [ ] in the year of the Society 48, while sitting our Thrones at the Pennsic War.

[Signatures Block]

Below you will find a long list of options for the different sections of a scroll’s wording. These have been pulled from the scribal handbooks of all the kingdoms in the SCA. I can take no credit for their composition, and am indebted to the scribes of the Knowne World who penned them.

  • All shall know that
  • Attend now to the words of
  • All who hear or see our words shall know that We, …
  • All shall know that...
  • All know by these presents that We.....
  • Be it known that
  • Be it known unto all that
  • Be it known to all that
  • Beauty and skill go hand in hand and shine forth from the products of (recipient) labours and so it is....
  • Come let all know that
  • Come ye before Us and know
  • Come and attend, that ye may know that
  • Come and attend, that ye may know ...
  • Craft displayed at such a high level should be rewarded and so.....
  • Do ye all hear and tell others that
  • Due commendations be unto all that
  • Due commendations and greetings...
  • Do ye all hear and tell others ...
  • Duly note, all ye who hear or see our words that We, …
  • Duty and Service are the burdens of Office and when one takes these up, showing such selflessness it is the thrones joy to reward then and so We....
  • Each and all shall know that
  • Every gentle person shall know that
  • Each one of ye shall know that
  • Each one of you shall know ...
  • Each sovereign is gifted the joy of rewarding the deserving and (recipient) is such a one
  • Equity and justice demand We should reward ...
  • Everyone that sees or hears our words shall know that We, …
  • For that
  • Far and wide though Our subjects may roam, words of their deeds still reach Our ears....
  • Forasmuch as it has come to Our notice that
  • For as much as We...
  • Fair subjects all, dispose yourselves to hear Our words...
  • Great feats of bravery and skill at arms have been displayed by....
  • Greetings unto all that
  • Greetings to all that see or hear our words
  • Greetings unto all to whom these presents come; We...
  • Gentlefolk all, hear Our words...
  • Hear ye all that
  • Harken now to the words of
  • Hear ye all and know that
  • Hear ye all these presents; We...
  • Heralds proclaim loudly for all to heat Our words so that they may know...
  • It is the judgment of the throne and the peoples will that great acts shall be rewarded....
  • It shall be known that
  • It shall be known by all that
  • It shall be known to all that We...
  • Inasmuch as We, …
  • Inasmuch as We have seen that...
  • Joyous is the message of the Angels that shouts great news to the world and listen to their voices and know
  • Just and wise are the words of the Crown
  • Justice demands that all shall know that
  • Know ye that
  • Know ye all that
  • Know that
  • Know this, all ye who hear or see our words, that We …
  • Know all by these presents that
  • Know ye all to whom these presents come; We...
  • Knowingly and with great joy do We...
  • Let all know that
  • Let all that see or hear Our words know that
  • Let it be known to all that
  • Let it be known that We, …
  • Listen to Our words and know...
  • May it be known to all throughout the land that
  • May it be known to all
  • May all who see this know that We, ….
  • May all who hear or see our words know that We, …
  • Merciful in battle and skilled of hand are the trademark of (recipient)
  • Now know that
  • Now let it be known that
  • Note well, all you hear or see our words that We, …
  • None may know the true extent of Our pleasure on this day as We are finally allowed to reward Our servant (recipient) for their efforts...
  • One and all shall know that
  • Open your ears and hear Our words
  • Oyez, Oyez listen to the words of your King & Queen…
  • Pray let all know that
  • Proclaim unto all
  • Proclaim it to all that
  • Proclaim to all that
  • Pay heed to the words of the Crown..
  • Proclaim our words so that the people will know...
  • Queens joys are many and so are her burdens, when one comes along that lightens that load it should be recognized...
  • Quiet! Let all hearken to Our words
  • Quiet! Pay heed to the words of the Crown So let all know that
  • Rejoice in the words of the Crown
  • Right glad are We to make known to all that...
  • Rightfully do we acknowledge the many and diverse efforts of Our Subject...
  • Salutations to all that hear Our words.
  • Salutations to all unto whom these presents come...
  • See this and know that We, …
  • Selfless actions undertaken without though of personal gain exemplify the traits displayed by a...
  • To all manner of folk let it be known that
  • To all unto whom these presents come, greetings.
  • Take notice, all ye who hear or see our words that We, …
  • Unto all who hear or see Our words We give greetings
  • Unto all We send greetings.
  • Unto all to whom these presents come...
  • Unto the populace of _________
  • Verily, We the
  • Verily We would have it known that That all shall know that
  • Various are the traits that make a good
  • Whereas
  • Whereas it has come to our attention that
  • Whereas it has come to Our notice that
  • The will of the thrones be known...
  • Ye shall know that
  • Ye shall all attend the words
  • Ye shall all know that
  • Years of service go into the making of any office......
  • Zealous are We, that Our words be known that
  • Zephyr of the air pass the knowledge of Our words
  • We, the King and Queen of _________,
  • We, _________ and _________, King and Queen of _________
  • We, _________, King and _________, Queen in
  • Atenveldt
  • We _________, King by right of Arms and _________, by grace and courtesy Queen,
  • We _________, King by right of Arms and _________, Queen and patroness of courtly graces,
  • We, _________ and _________, rightful Sovereigns of _________
  • We, _________ and _________, Rex et Regina _________...
  • We, _________ and _________, King and Queen of all _________ lands...
  • We _________, _________, King and Queen of the _________Kingdom of _________
  • does _________ King of _________ & _________ Our Queen give greetings...
Notification and Exposition
  • mindful of the steadfast service of our worthy subject
  • in consideration of
  • in recognition of
  • it is Our duty and Our pleasure to reward such of Our subjects as do deserve Our favor
  • Our beloved subject has well and truly deserved reward and recognition
  • Our subject has added luster and renown to Our Realm
  • the achievements of Our subject have graced Our realm
  • the service and dedication of Our subject have become apparent to us and to all
  • we have been pleased by the actions of Our esteemed subject
  • having weighed well the works and labors of _________
  • having observed the many good works and labors of _________
  • having heard much good of _________
  • finding Ourselves in receipt of many good reports of _________
  • advance
  • award unto
  • bestow upon ______
  • confer upon ______
  • (do) award ______ to ______
  • (do) admit ______ to the Order of ______
  • (do) honor ______as a Companion of the Order of ______
  • (do) raise ______ to the style and title of ______
  • (do) reward ______ with the Order of ______
  • elevate
  • honor and favor ______ with
  • <blazon>, to be borne by [him/her] and no other throughout the Known World.
  • <blazon>, as [his/her] distinctive device, with infringement by none.
  • <blazon>, to be borne and displayed by Lord/Lady <first name> and no other in all the lands of the Known World.
  • Bestowed this
  • Done by Our hands
  • Done this
  • Given by Our hands
  • Granted this
  • This is so done and given
  • To which We have set Our hand and seal
Location and Date
  • in our ______ on the ______ day of ______ Anno Societatis ______ being Anno Domini
  • ______.
  • at the ______ of ______ this ______ th day of ______ A.S. ______
  • in the year of Our Lord ______, and of the Society ______.
  • in the common reckoning of years the ______ th, and of the Society ______ th.
  •  ______ A.D., being ______ A.S.
  • Anno Domini ______, which is Anno Societatis ______.
  • being the ______ th year of the Christian Era, and the ______ th year of the Society.
  • in the ______ th year by the Common Reckoning, being the ______ th year from the founding of the Society.
  • I, ______ Herald of ______, do attest that said arms have been duly registered with the College of Arms.
  • I, ______ Herald, do hereby attest by my signature that this document bears true arms.
  • Being required by Their Majesties to make search in the records of my office for the arms of the aforenamed gentle, I do find that he/she may lawfully bear the arms herein mentioned. In witness thereof I, ______ Herald, set my hand.
  • The College of Arms, finding no impediment to the arms here blazoned, has assigned their exclusive use to ______.
  • The ______ Herald testifies that the armories depicted and blazoned herein belong to the said ______  to use, bear and show forth at all times.
  • In obedience to the command of Their Majesties I have made search in the registers and records of my office and do find that the aforesaid ______  may lawfully bear these arms. In witness thereof I, ______ Herald, set my hand.


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