Friday, 18 October 2013

Barbers Company, 1451

Be it knowen to all men that y Clarensew Kyng of Armes of the South Marche of Englond Consideryng the noble estate of the Cite of London by the name of Erle & Barons as in their ffirst Charter by scripture appereth and as now called mayre and aldermen and by good avyce of all the aldermen and the noble citezenis of London that every alderman shuld have award by hymself to governe and rule to the Worship of the cite and the maires power evy alderman in his Ward with correccion of the mair beyng for the tyme and so notablie ordeyned to be custumed evy Craft clothing be hem self to know o Craft from a nother and also synes of Armes in baner wyse to beer conveniently for the worship of the reame and the noble cite and so now late the Maisters of Barbory and Surgery within the craft of Barbours John Strugge Thomas Wyllote Hugh Herte & Thomas Waleys come & praying me Clarensewe Kyng of Armes to devise hem a conysauns & syne in fourme of armes under my seall of myn Armes that might be conveniently to ther Craft.And where y Clarensewe Kyng of Armes consideryng the gode disposicion of them y have devysed a Conysaunce in fourme of Armes that is to sey A felde sabull a cheveron bytwene iij flemys of silver the which syne of armes y Clarensew gyve the same conysaunce of Armes to the forsaid Crafte and none other Crafte in no wyse shall not bere the same. To the which witenesse of this wrytyng y sette my seal of myn armes & my syne manuall wreten atte London the xxix day of the monthe of September the xxxth yere of the regne of oure soverayne lord Kyng Henry the Sixt. By Clarensew Kynge of armes.

The Armorial Bearings of the Guilds of London: a Record of the Heraldry of the Surviving Companies with Historical Notes by John Bromley (London: Warne, 1960)

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