Friday, 18 October 2013

Upholders Company, 1465

To all Gentilmen that this prefent Letters fhall fee or here, humble recommendacious by me William Hawkeflowe, otherwife called Clarenfeux, King of Armes of the South Marches of England and Servant of Armes: it is fo that many Perfons moved of Noble corage purpofing to exercife virtuous codicions and manners, by the habilitis of which condicions and Noble converfacions, with Goddes grace fhall come to perfection of grete honour and Worship: and one in efpecial entending to alle Gentilneffe, is come to me the faid Clarenfeux King of Armes, praying me to avife a conyfaunce of Armes for the Crafft and Felafhip of Upholders in the City of London, and att that Requeft I confidering the gode difpofition of the faid Craft and Felafhip, and alfo the grete honour and Worship that hereafter may fall to them: I have avifed, graunted, and given to them and to their Succeffours for evermore, Armes, that is to fey a Field Sable, three Spervers Ermin, a Lamb Silver, couchand upon a pillow of Gold: the which Armes I Clarenfeux aforefaid grante without empechement of eny Perfon. Witneffe of this Letter to the which I fet my Seal of Armes; and my Sign Manuel wreten att London the xj day of the Moneth of December, the yere of our Lord God, M. CCCC. LXV. and in the fifth yere of the reign of King Edward the Fourth. Clarenfeux King of Armes.

The Sphere of Gentry Deduced from the Principles of Nature, an Historical and Genealogical Work of Arms and Blazon by Sylvanus Morgan (London: William Leybourn, 1661)

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