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A.D. 689 (July). Oswine, king of Kent, to St Peter's Minster (St Augustine's, Canterbury) and Abbot Hadrian; grant of 1 sulung (aratrum) of iron-bearing land, formerly belonging to the royal vill at Lyminge, Kent.



In nomine Domini Dei nostri et saluatoris Iesu Christi. Ego Oswynus rex Cantie pro absolutione meorum peccatorum de terra iuris mei, que mihi ex propinquitate parentum meorum uenit atque ex confirmatione clementissimi Æthelredi regis collata est, unum aratrum in quo mina ferri haberi cognoscitur, quod pertinebat ad cortem que appellatur Liminge, quod etiam coniunctum est terre uenerabilis presbiteri Brytwaldi abbatis a parte meridiana, a presenti die et tempore monasterio beati Petri apostoli , in quo preesse Adrianus dinoscitur qui a Romana urbe directus est, inperpetuum contuli possidendum, tam ei dum aduixerit quam eius congregationi que post eum habitura est, ut prefatam terram unius aratri sibi uendicent ac defendant cum omnibus ad se pertinentibus. Quicumque uero tam ego quam posteri mei qui in loco meo successerint contra hanc largitatis mee cartulam quolibet tempore uenire presumpserint, sint separati a corpore et sanguine Domini nostri Iesu Christi, manente hac cartula perpetualiter nichilominus donationis mee in sua firmitate, ad cuius etiam confirmationem pro ignorantia litterarum signum sancte crucis expressi et testes ut subscriberent rogaui. + Actum in mense Iulio, indictione secunda.

+ Ego Oswynus rex Cantie donator ad omnia supradicta consensi et subscripsi,
+ signum sancte crucis feci.
+ Signum manus Ecca.
+ Ego Gabertus signum feci.
+ Signum manus Osfridi.
+ Signum manus Uaeba.
+ Signum manus Suydredi.
+ Signum manus Ædilmari.
+ Signum manus Burgredi.
+ Signum manus Frod.
+ Signum manus Eana.


In the name of the Lord our God and savior , Jesus Christ. Oswynus for the absolution of my sins I am the king of Kent, out of the land of my rights , I was to give my parents came from the nearness of the king and of Æthelred, was contributed from the confirmation of the most gracious , one pound of iron to be had broke the soil on which it is known, that which is called the Cort Liminge belonged to , which is also is linked to the venerable abbot of land, south side of the Brytwaldi offered by the priest , from the present day and at the time of the monastery of the blessed Peter the Apostle, in which it Hadrian is known to be in charge of the city from the Roman who had success , conferred to be possessed in perpetuity , both for her and him, which after a while the congregation of the aduixerit than she is, as the aforementioned lay claim to the land of one plow , and to defend himself with all that belongs to it . As many as those who succeed me in my place, I like the other succeeded , however, in opposition to this generosity of my sending the writ should presume to come at whatever time they were separated from the body and blood of our Lord Jesus Christ, in his own way detracting from this charter in perpetuity shall nevertheless the strength of my gift , to whose ignorance even for the confirmation of expressed in terms of the sign of the holy cross and the letters of the alphabet that witnesses should subscribe to request it. Done in the month of July, in the second indiction .

I am the king of Kent, Oswynus donor has consented to and subscribed to all the above , the sign of the holy cross I have done.
Ecca hand sign .
I did sign Gabertus .
Osfrid hand sign .
Uaeba hand sign .
Suydredi hand sign .
Ædilmari hand sign .
Burgredi hand sign .
New York Bot hand sign .
Eana hand sign .

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