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A.D. 604 (28 April). Æthelberht, king, to St Andrew and his church at Rochester; grant of land at Rochester.

Latin with English bounds. Archive: Rochester


Regnante in perpetuum domino nostro Iesu Christo saluatore . mense Aprilio . sub die iiii . kalendas Maias . indictione vii . ego Æthelberhtus rex filio meo Eadbaldo admonitionem catholice fidei optabilem . Nobis est aptum semper inquirere . qualiter per loca sanctorum pro anime remedio uel stabilitate salutis nostre aliquid de portione terre nostre in subsidiis seruorum dei deuotissimam uoluntatem debeamus offerre . Ideoque tibi Sancte Andrea tueque ecclesiae que est constituta in ciuitate Hrofibreui ubi preesse uidetur Iustus episcopus . trado aliquantulum telluris mei .

Hic est terminus mei doni . Fram suðgeate west andlanges wealles oð norðlanan to stræte . 7 swa east fram st'r'æte oð Doddinghyrnan ongean bradgeat .

Siquis uero augere uoluerit hanc ipsam donationem; augeat illi dominus dies bonos . Et si presumpserit minuere aut contradicere; in conspectu dei sit damnatus et sanctorum eius hic et in eterna secula . nisi emendauerit ante eius transitum quod inique gessit contra Christianitatem nostram . Hoc cum consilio Laurentii episcopi et omnium principum meorum signo sancte crucis confirmaui . eosque iussi ut mecum idem facerent . Amen .


During the reign of Our Lord Jesus Christ the savior for ever . Aprilio month . the fourth day . the month of May. indiction vii. I Æthelberhtus king wished my son Ead admonition of the Catholic faith . We always fit into the question . how in the holy places for the soul of the remedy or the stability of some of our most loyal servants of God in support of a portion of our land we will offer . Therefore you tueque Saint Andrew Church , which is established in the city just seems to be in charge when Hrofibreui bishop . I hand over my little planet .

This is the limit of my gift . Frame suðgeate west andlanges wealles OD norðlanan to stræte . 7 swa giant frame st'r'æte OD Doddinghyrnan ongean bradgeat .

But if anyone might wish to increase the donation of this very ; increase to him, the lord of the good days . And if I should presume to try to reduce or objection; was condemned in the sight of God and of His saints is here and in the eternal worlds . amended before its passage unless the violence committed against our Christianity . With the counsel of the princes and of all the bishops of my Lawrence this the sign of the holy cross , confirmed. I ordered them to do the same with me . Amen .

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