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A.D. 700 or 715. Wihtred, king of Kent, to St Mary's Church, Lyminge; grant of 4 sulungs (aratra) at Pleghelmestun and pasture in Romney Marsh.



Endorsements: (1) Rumening seta inn to Limining + mynster (2) s. xii: Wictredus rex Cantuariæ contulit ecclesiæ sanctæ Mariæ de Limminge . iiii . aratra . Pleghelmestun et Rumingsete ad pastum ovium ccc.

+ In nomine domini Dei nostri Jhesu Christi .

Ego Uuihtredus rex Cantuariorum providens mihi in futuro decrevi dare aliquid omnia mihi donanti et consilio accepto bonum visum est conferre basilicæ beatæ Mariæ genetricis Dei quæ sita est in loco qui dicitur Limingæ terram . iiii . aratrorum quæ dicitur Pleghelmestun . cum omnibus ad eandem terram pertinentibus juxta notissimos terminos id est bereueg . et meguuines paed' et stretleg . terrulæ quoque partem ejusdem Dei genetrici beatæ Mariæ similiter inperpetuum possidendam perdono . cujus vocabulum est Rumining seta . ad pastum videlicet ovium trecentorum . ad australem quippe fluminis quæ appellatur Liminaea . terminos vero huius terrulæ ideo non ponimus quoniam ab accolis undique certi sunt . Quam donationem meam volo firmam esse [in] perpetuum ut nec ego seu heredes mei aliquid imminuere præsumant . Quod si aliter temptatum fuerit a qualibet persona sub anathematis interdictione sciat se prævaricari ad cujus confirmationem pro ignorantia litterarum + signum sanctæ crucis expressi et testes idoneos ut subscriberent rogavi id est Berhtuualdum archiepiscopum virum venerabilem .

+ Ego Berhtuualdus episcopus . rogat[us] consensi et subscripsi .
+ Signum manus Uuihtredi regis .
+ Signum manus Æthilburgæ reginæ .
+ Signum manus Enfridi .
+ Signum manus Ædilfridi .
+ Signum manus Hagana .
+ Signum manus Botta .
+ Signum manus Bernhærdi .
+ Signum manus Theabul .
+ Signum manus Frodi .
+ Signum manus Aehcha .
+ Signum manus Aesica .
+ Signum manus Adda .
+ Signum manus Egisberhti .

Actum in mense Julio Indictione xiiima.


Endorsements : (1) to be delivered to sell Rumening Limining mynster ( 2 ) s . of the Twelve , Church of Saint Mary of the Limminge Wictred, king of Kent, gave her more . four . plows . Pleghelmestun Rumingsete and three hundred sheep to pasture .

  In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ our God .

I have decided to give something to the world to come to me in order to provide a Wihtred king of Kent, and had taken counsel , and the Giver of all good to me, it seemed to her that conceived to compare the church of the blessed Mary was situated in the place that is called God, what the Limingæ the earth. four . plow called Pleghelmestun . with all things pertaining to the same land that is known boundaries bereueg . and meguuines DIRT ' and stretleg . Also part of the same small piece of land of the Mother of the Blessed Mary, ever possess similar pardons . which is called Rumining sell . the feeding of sheep and three hundred. to the south of the river, which is called Liminaea . the borders of this small piece of land for this reason , however, do not assert that they are persuaded that a good while inhabitants on both sides . I want to be sure my donation than [ in ] that neither I or my heirs permanently impair presume anything . But if it has been tampered with in any other way under penalty of excommunication from the interdiction of any person to know that he will transgress against the ignorance of which on behalf of the confirmation of letters of the alphabet and the sign of the holy cross of the archbishop of suitable witnesses to subscribe Berhtuualdum I have asked the venerable man, that is to say .

I Berhtuualdus bishop . asks if [we are ] , agreed to and subscribed.
Sign Wihtred hand of the king.
Æthilburgæ hand sign of the queen.
Enfridi hand sign .
Æthelfrith hand sign .
Hagan hand sign .
Bottom right hand sign .
Bernhærdi hand sign .
Theabul hand sign .
New York Bot hand sign .
Aehcha hand sign .
Aesica hand sign .
Adda hand sign .
Egisberhti hand sign .

Enacted in July thirteenth indiction .

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