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A.D. 805. Cuthred, king of Kent, to Ealdberht, his minister, and Selethryth, abbess; grant of 2 sulungs (aratra) at Ruckinge, Kent.



+ In nomine almo trino divino . Ego Cuthredus Rex Cantiae Anno Incarnationis Dominicae . dcccv . nostri regni concessi a Deo . v . Indictione xiiii . cum consensu atque licentia Coenulfi Regis Merciorum dabo Aldberhto meo ministro et Seleðrythe Abbatissae suæ scilicet propinquæ duos aratrorum in loco qui dicitur Hrocing quod est positus in utroque parte fluminis Liminea . cum omnibus ad eam pertinentibus bonis : hanc vero donationem illis condonabo pro pecunio eorum et pro salute anime meæ eo quod agnosco iniquitatem quod fecimus illis ideo libenti animo donavo in æternam hereditatem ab omni regale tributo ad abendam et possidendam . et post obitum suum ita in sua libertate et spontanea voluntate cuicumque hominum placuerit tradendam . Si quis vero hanc donationem meam imminuerit sit separatus a participatione corporis et sanguinis Domini nostri Jhesu Christi et in extremo die judicii a congregatione justorum nisi reatum suæ præsumptionis ante ea digna satisfactione emendaverit . Huujus vero terræ terminos ideo non ponimus quia ab accolis undique nota sunt ; nomen vero Regis hoc donum donantis . et suorum fidelium hic infra conponuntur .

+ Ego Cuthred Rex Cantiae cum signo crucis Christi confirmo hoc donum quod donavi .
+ Ego Aethelherdus gratia Dei Archiepiscopus cum signo sancte Crucis Christi confirmo .
+ Ego Beornmod episcopus consensi et subscripsi .
+ Signum manus Coenwaldi filii Regis .
+ Signum manus Wernothi Abbatis .
+ Signum manus Osulfi Principis .
+ Signum manus Eamberhti .
+ Signum manus Heahfridi .
+ Signum manus Herefrithi .
+ Signum manus Suithhuni .
+ Signum manus Wynbaldi .
+ Signum manus Berhtnodi .
+ Signum manus Aldberht .
+ Signum manus Osberhti .
+ Signum manus Berhtwaldi .
+ Signum manus Aethelurdi .
+ Signum manus Aethelnothi .


In the name of the Holy Trinity . I am the year of the Incarnation of the Lord Cuthred the King of Kent . dcccv . our kingdom , granted by God. v. Indiction fourteen. with the consent and permission of the King of Mercia Coenulfi officer, and I will give my Aldberhto Seleðrythe abbess of the two near the plow at a place called Hrocing and is situated on both sides of the river Liminea . belonging to it , with all the good things: but this , however, the money of them for a donation to them, and for the salvation of the soul, pardon my iniquity I acknowledge the fact that I gave away a free spirit in the eternal inheritance that we did to them, therefore, from all abendam and a royal tribute to possess it. and after the death of his own free will in such a way to any kind of men it shall seem good in his own freedom and transmit the . But anyone who has this gift of mine is to be separated from the lessened the participation of the body and blood of our Lord Jesus Christ and by the congregation of the righteous at the end of the day of judgment , except the satisfaction of a debt of his own presumption in front of them worthy to have corrected it . For this reason we do not place the ends of the earth , however, that from a Huujus inhabitants on both sides are well-known : it is the gift of the King , however, the name of the donor. , his faithful and set down together below .

Confirm with the sign of the cross of Christ I, Cuthred, King of Kent, it is the gift that I gave away .
With the sign of the Holy Cross of Christ, the grace of God Archbishop of Aethelherdus I confirm .
I Beornmod bishop, agreed and subscribed.
Hand signal Coenwaldi Princess.
Abbot Wernothi hand sign .
Prince Osulfi hand sign .
Eamberhti hand sign .
Heahfridi hand sign .
Herefrithi hand sign .
Suithhuni hand sign .
Wynbaldi hand sign .
Berhtnodi hand sign .
Ealdberht hand sign .
Osberhti hand sign .
Berhtwaldi hand sign .
Aethelurdi hand sign .
Aethelnothi hand sign .

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