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A.D. 762 for c. 748 x 760. Eardwulf, king of Kent, to the church of St Andrew, Rochester; grant of pasture rights at Holanspic, at Petteridge in Brenchley, and at Lindridge, Kent.



Rubric: De pascuis porcorum xii. gregum

+ In nomine dei summi . Multi quidem in hoc seculo constitutionem et narrationem antiquorum pro huius uitae fauore et concupiscentia deprauare conati sunt . qui istius erumni seculi laudem querunt . et multo magis hominibus placere quam deo diligunt sicut ipse procurator nomine Uualhhun contra episcopum Hrofensis ecclesie sine intermissione congressum discrimini fecit circa porcorum pascua in silba que appellatus est Caestruuarouualth. Iccirco '+' ego Earduulfus rex Cantuariorum conflictionum eorum ad nichilum redigo quia coram testibus et optimatibus meis concedo ad ecclesiam Sancte Andreae pro remedio animae mee atque meorum patruum . xii . greguum porcorum ad serbandum in publicis locis id est ut incoli nominandi dicunt . Holanspic . alius Paetlanhrygc . tercius Lindhrygc. Hoc autem numerus . xii . gregum in istis tribus partibus singulariter in unoquoque teneatur. Si quis uero quod absit heredum meorum hanc donationem infringere aut minuere presumat sciat se ab omnipotenti deo et a sanctorum angelorum consortio separatum et in eterna perditione damnatum . manente hac donatione mea . in sua nichilominus firmitate perseueret. Anno ab incarnatione Christi . dcclxii . indictione . xv . +

Ego Earduulfus rex Cantuariorum supradicta omnia uolens confirmabi et signum sancte crucis impressi.
+ Ego Cuthberchtus gratia dei archiepiscopus ad peticionem Earduulfi episcopi consensi et subscripsi.
+ Ego Aethilberchtus rex Cantie consensi et subscripsi.
+ Ego Balthard consensi et subscriptsi.
+ Ego Duunuualla subscripsi.
+ Ego Aethelhun subscripsi.
+ Ego Aldberht subscripsi.
+ Ego Ruta subscripsi.
+ Ego Folcuuine subscripsi.
+ Ego Uuiohtbrord subscripsi.
+ Ego Balthhard supscripsi.
+ Ego Badohe'a'rd subscripsi.
+ Ego Beagnoth subscripsi.
+ Ego Uualhhun subscripsi.


RUBRIC: Twelve out of the pastures of swine . groups

  In the name of the supreme god . Many people in this world , indeed, the establishment and support of a declaration to this life, and the lust of the ancients , they endeavored to corrupt . under the affliction of this world who seek praise . and much more pleasing to men than they love God, as he named manager Uualhhun against the bishop of Rochester church continually encounter criticism made ​​about the feeding of pigs in which he was called the silba Caestruuarouualth . Therefore, they said , " ' I am the king of Kent Earduulfus reduce to naught because of the conflict and the presence of witnesses, my lords, to grant the church of St. Andrew for the salvation of my soul and my uncle . xii. serbandum to the herd of swine in the public places, and that is, as they say, to be named inhabited . Holanspic . Paetlanhrygc another . Lindhrygc third . But this number . xii. the groups in the three parts in each one individually liable . If anyone, which God forbid this gift of my heirs shall presume to infringe upon or diminish know how to separate himself from the company of the holy angels , and in the Almighty God and our eternal from the destruction of the condemned . My remaining this donation . nevertheless persist in its reliability . Year from the incarnation of Christ. dcclxii . levy. xv.

I Earduulfus king of Kent, all the above and wish to confirm the sign of the cross printed .
By God's grace I Cuthberchtus archbishop Earduulfi request , agreed to and signed.
Aethilberchtus I , king of Kent , agreed to and subscribed.
I agreed and Balthard subscriptsi .
I Duunuualla subscribed.
I Aethelhun subscribed.
I Ealdberht subscribed.
I rue subscribed.
I Folcuuine subscribed.
I Uuiohtbrord subscribed.
I Balthhard supscripsi .
I Badohe'a'rd subscribed.
I Beagnoth subscribed.
 I Uualhhun subscribed.

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