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A.D. 805 (26 July, Acleah). Cuthred, king of Kent, to Wulfred, archbishop; grant of 2 sulungs (aratra) at Hrithra leah, part of an estate of 15 hides (manentes) at Buckholt in Petham, Kent, in return for 30 mancuses.



Endorsements: (1) s. x: Hryþeraleh (2) s. xii: duorum aratrorum . Cuðred rex . Cantiæ Wluredo archiepiscopo pro xxx marcis auri (3) s. xii: latine

+ Anno ab incarnatione domini nostri Jhesu Christi dcccovo indictione xiii . ego Cuðred rex Cantiae cum licentia Coenulfi regis Merciae octabo anno regni mei a Deo concessi Wulfredo sedenti in archiepiscopatus solio . duorum aratrorum terrae in perpetuum donabo . est itaque terra illa conposita in occidentali parte xv . manentium quae dicuntur Bocholt hec duo aratra supra predicta a quibusdam campus armentorum id est hriðra leah appellantnr hoc autem modo quasi pro conparatione in pretio xxx mancusarum illi hanc prenominatam terram tradere curabo ut communem silbam secundum antiquam consuetudinem cum ceteris hominibus abeat potestas quoque ipsi datur ut in libertate terram habeat quamdiu vivat 7 postea cuicumque hominum voluelrit in aeternam libertatem derelinquat si quis hanc largit'i'onem illi augeat augeatur illi a Deo vita si quis demin'u'erit quod absid deminuetur sibi gloria in Christo nisi satisfacsione emendaverit . Huius confirmationis signa in celeberrimo loco hacleah nominato exponuntur in uiias. k'as agustus die sabbati quo transfiguratus est Christus .

+ Ego Coenuulf rex Merciæ consensi et subscripsi .
+ Alduulf episcopus .
+ Werenberht episcopus
+ Deneberht episcopus .
+ Eaduulf episcopus .
+ Wulfhard episcopus .
+ Alheard episcopus .
+ Tidferð episcopus .
+ Osmnud episcopus .
+ Wiohthun episcopus .
+ Wig[be]rht episcopus .
+ Alhmund episcopus .
+ Bernmod episcopus .
+ Alh - - - - - -
+ - - - - - abbas
+ Wernoð abbas .
+ Dudan abbas .
+ Feolageld abbas .
+ Ego Cuðred 'rex' Cantiæ consensi et subscribi .
+ Heahberht dux .
+ Beornnoð dux .
+ Cynehelm dux .
+ Tiduulf dux .
+ Wicgga dux .
+ Ceolward dux .
+ Ceolberht dux .
+ Dynne dux .
+ Wighard dux .
+ Byrnwald dux .
+ Heardberht comes .
+ Cuðred pr'.


Endorsements: (1) 's. x, Hryþeraleh (2) 's. xii two plows. Cuðred king. Wluredo of Canterbury archbishop for thirty marks of gold, (3) 's. Twelve: English

In the year from the incarnation of our Lord Jesus Christ, + dcccovo indiction of the Thirteenth. I Cuðred king of Kent, with the permission of the king of Mercia Coenulfi octaves year of my reign, granted by God Wulfredo sat in the seat of the archbishop. I'll give two plow the land in perpetuity. Accordingly, it is in the western part of the land that was laid in the fifteenth. which are said to have continued Bocholt these two plows on the field by some of the herds that is hriðra Leah appellantnr but in this way for a comparison of the price of thirty mancuses aforenamed land to hand over to him, this will take care that the most for the common silbam with other people and they go off the power is given to the live as long as men have the freedom to any voluelrit 7 later in the eternal freedom to leave if they largit'i'onem this increase may be increased to a life that if someone demin'u'erit ARC diminished his glory in Christ satisfacsione unless amended. Confirmation of the standards set forth in the most frequented place hacleah named uiias. k'as agustus on Saturday which was transformed in Christ.

Coenuulf + I, king of the Mercians, agreed to and subscribed.
+ Aldwulf bishop. +
+ Deneberht Werenberht bishop bishop.
+ Eaduulf bishop.
+ Wulfhard bishop.
+ Alheard bishop.
+ Tidferð bishop.
+ Osmnud bishop.
+ Wiohthun bishop. Wig
+ [be] rht bishop.
+ Alhmund bishop.
+ Bernmod bishop. Alh
+ ------
+ -----
+ Wernoð abbot abbot.
+ Dudan abbot.
+ Feolageld abbot.
+ I Cuðred 'king' of Kent, agreed to and signed.
+ Heahberht leader.
+ Beornnoð leader.
+ Cynehelm leader.
+ Tiduulf leader.
+ Wicgga leader.
+ Ceolward leader.
+ Ceolberht leader.
+ Dynne leader.
+ Wighard leader.
+ Byrnwald leader.
+ Heardberht count.
Cuðred pr + '....

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