Saturday, 19 October 2013

Charter for the Kingdom of Atenveldt College of Scribes.

Be it known by these presents that We, Aaron, by right of arms King of Atenveldt and Alisandra, by grace and courtesy Queen of Atenveldt, do by Our especial Grace and certain knowledge give and grant this Charter unto Our College of Scribes.

The College of Scribes shall be under the authority of the Chancellor of the College (or Aten Pen), who shall be appointed by the Crown on recommendation of his/her predecessor and is subject to the general restrictions applied to Our Officers of State. The Chancellor of the College of Scribes shall be a Lesser Office of State of the Kingdom of Atenveldt (known in Lex Atenveldtus as the Kingdom Scribe).

The structure of the College of Scribes shall be as follows.

• Under the direct supervision of the Chancellor shall be several Baronial Deputies who have been recommended and approved by their Baronial Excellencies. Appointment to all Offices shall be for the term of 2 years.

• The scribes of Atenveldt are under the direct authority of the Chancellor. The Chancellor shall keep a record of all scribes work and report directly to Crown at each Coronation as well as compile a Doomsday report.

The priorities of the College of Scribes shall be:

• First, to produce legal documents, to wit: scrolls for awards acknowledged in Corpora, these being the Award of Arms, The Grant of Arms, and the Patent of Arms; also legal documents for the Crown, being charters, formal declarations to be presented at Court, credentials for formal representatives to a foreign Court, etc.

• Second, to recruit and train scribes.

• Third, To encourage research into period illumination and calligraphy.

• And Fourth, to produce other calligraphed documents as time permits. This shall not be contemplated should there be any scrolls, which are on a backlog for completion.

We also confirm the registered arms for the College shall be to wit: Per pale azure and argent two pens in saltier counterchanged and overall an open book Or leathered gules. 

Augmentation shall be awarded to persons who have demonstrated excellence in the manuscript arts either talent and or service to wit: Field less, in chief a sun in its splendor,
in base two pens in saltier, sable.

In witness whereof We hereunto set Our hand and seal, this 1st day of September in the XXXVII year Anno Societatis, being 2002 in the common era.

Aaron                               Alisandra

Rex Atenveldtus                Regina Atenveldtus.

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