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A.D. 690 (27 January). Oswine, king of Kent, to Æbba, abbess (of Minster-in-Thanet); grant of 10 hides (manentes) in Sturry, Kent.



In nomine Domini Iesu Christi saluatoris. Ego Oswinus rex Cantuariorum aliquod munusculum pro Deo destino dare ut sit refrigerium anime mee inperpetuum et uigilet mea memoria cum sanctis in sublime. Anno secundo regni mei, indictione autem tertia, sub die .vi. kalendarum Februarii, pro remedio anime mee et absolutione peccatorum meorum, ecclesiastico iure concedo quandam terram que dicitur Stureie, id est decem manentes ex ea, cum siluis et campis ac paludibus, cum fluminibus ac fontibus, cum pratis ac pomariis et cum omnibus utensilibus, in ipsa quantitate sicut principes a regibus antiquitus perdonatum possederunt, alme Æbbe abbatisse atque carnali propinquitate proxime in Deoque matri monasteriali iuri dono, perpetuo trado, quatinus habeat possideatque proprio arbitrio et cuicumque uoluerit uiuens uel moriens habeat integram facultatem condonare tantum in domino. Istud autem territorium a me modo commemoratum ac pro Deo perdonatum in presentia principum meorum qui ad presens haberi possunt, hoc est Cantuariorum quos iure ac propria nostra potestate adipiscimur, pro testimonio confirmationis ad subscribendum ac ad consentiendum mihi huic donationi conduxi in hunc locum qui dicitur Dorouernis. Confirmamus stabiliter in euum ut quisquis hanc donationem meam mente maliuola disrumpere temptauerit, sciat se coram Deo et sanctis angelis eius eterno anathemate reum. Quisquis uero bene addendo custodierit sit benedictus in secula.

+ Theodorus gratia Dei archiepiscopus rogatus a rege subscripsi.
+ Ego Osuuinus propria manu subscripsi ac consensi.
+ Ego Suebhardus consensi et subscripsi.
+ Ego Adrianus abbas indignus subscripsi.
+ Signum manus Ecca.
+ Signum Osfridi.


In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ the savior. I Oswin , king of Kent resolve the little thing for God to give my soul to be refreshing my memory for ever and watch with the saints on high . In the second year of my kingdom , the third indiction , each day . Force. of the new moon of February, the absolution of my sins and for the salvation of my soul , which is called a land grant by the law of the ecclesiastical Stureie , that is to say , remaining ten were in it, and with the woods and the fields, and swamps, and rivers, and sources with , and with all their baggage, with fields and orchards , in the same quantity as the kings of old perdonatum possessed , nourishing mother abbess Ebba and carnal relationship to God in the monastery right next to the gift , always give up , that have their own choice and possess any living or dying wish to have the full capacity to commute only in the Lord. This , however, by the territory of the for mention me now: the place of God and in the presence of the princes of my perdonatum who may be possessed for the moment , that is, of Kent, whom he had the right to own our power and we obtain , instead of the testimony of the confirmation to be signed into this and to go along with me to this place, which is said to have hired gift the Dorouernis . We confirm that any one who , being stable and eternity in the mind of this gift of mine malicious attempt to break , let him know that he was guilty of the presence of God and the holy angels of his eternal anathema . But whoever keeps adding well be blessed forever.

Grace Archbishop Theodore was asked by the king subscribed.
Osuuinus own hand, I have signed and agreed.
I Suebhardus agreed and signed.
Adrian unworthy abbot I subscribed.
Ecca hand sign .
Osfrid sign .

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