Friday, 18 October 2013

Ironmongers Company, 1455

To all maner people these present tres seying or heryng. We, Lancestre Kyng of Armes, sende gretyng in our lorde God euerlastyng; Know ye us the foresaide Lancastre to haue geven and graunted unto the honurable Crafte and felasship of the ffraunchised men of Ironmongers of the citie of London a token of armes, that is to sey: - Siluer, a cheueron of Gowles, sitte betwene three Gaddes of Stele of Asure, on the cheueron three swevells of golde; with two lizards of theire owne kynde, encoupeld with Gowlys, on the helmet. To haue, to holde, and reioyce the forsaide tokyn and armes to the said Craft and felasship thereof, and to their successours enfraunchised men of the same Crafte, in the saide citie, for euermore, to [bear] the said armes in all maner seruices of our souerayne lorde the Kyng, and in baners to the honour and [worship] of God, in holy churches, and ellswhere in eyther places conuenient and needfull, and atte all tymes, in honor and defence of the said citie of London, yf and whan cause requyre hit. Willyng and grauntyng also, that he which shall bere the Baner of the saide Crafte for the tyme, if such nede, be enarmed in the same armes for the same day and tyme, in delakke or for defaute of his ppre armes, in tokenyng of honour and worship of the saide Crafte and felasship, and att all tymes to haue and reioyce the same in the maner aforesaide, for euermore. In witnesse of which thing, we the said Lancastre Kyng of Armes to these present tres haue putt our seall of Armes and signe manuell; Wreten atte London, the firste day of the moneth of Septembre, the xxxiiijth yere of the Regne of our souerayne lord Kynge Henry the sixt.

The Armorial Bearings of the Guilds of London: a Record of the Heraldry of the Surviving Companies with Historical Notes by John Bromley (London: Warne, 1960)

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