Friday, 18 October 2013

Christopher Brown, 1480

To all present and to come who these present letters shall see or hear John More alias Norroy King of Arms of the Northern parts of this Kingdom of England greetings and love with humble recommendation. Equity will and right ordains that virtuous men and of noble courage be by their merits and renown rewarded and not only their persons in this mortal life so brief and transitory but after them those who issue from their body and shall be procreated shall in all places (have) great honour perpetually before others, shining by certain signs and demonstrations of honour and courtesy. To wit by blazon helmet and crest in order that by their example others again will force themselves perseveringly to use their days in deeds of arms and virtuous works to gain the renown of that ancient courtesy in their lineage and posterity and for this end I, Norroy King of Arms as above mentioned, not only by common renown but also by report and witness of other noble men worthy of credence truly advertize and certify that Christopher Brown of the County of Lincoln gentleman (who has for a long time followed feats of arms and also in his other affairs has carried himself valiantly and governed honourably) has truly deserved and is worthy that henceforward perpetually he and his posterity be in all places honourably admitted, renowned, accounted, numbered and received in the number and in the company of other former courteous and noble men and for this (seeing all these things also nobly done) I forthwith fulfil his request in this case, as right and reason will it, for the remembrance of this courtesy by virtue of the authority and power granted and attributed to my office of King of Arms I devise, ordain and assign to the above-minded Christopher Brown for him and his posterity the blazon helmet and crest in the following manner: To wit d�argent en sable parti en bende troix mascles entre charges, en son heaulme la moitie dune Grue desploiant ses elles, la queen nouee, tenant ung Escript en son bec pour �aprendre amourir� as the picture in the margin in front shows it, to have and to hold for himself and his posterity and them to invest for ever. Therefore in witness of this I Norroy King of Arms above mentioned have signed with my hand and sealed with my seal these presents. Made and given at Nottingham the twentieth day of July the year of grace one thousand four hundred and eighty.

Harleian Society Publications Volumes 76-77: A Collection of Miscellaneous Grants by Willoughby A. Littledale (London: J. Whitehead & Son, 1925)

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