Friday, 11 October 2013

Bardic Champion of King Gregor, AS46

Down in the valley three clarions call
Purple beneath the setting sun’s rays
Sounding o’re many, each note’s fall
Rings to this Champion with praise.


Upon this lengthy celebration day
Mistress Linnette du Gallidron
Has shown in manner and skill
those graces favored by our King
and is hereby and duly named
the East Kingdom Bardic Champion
and shall, following this court
until such time as a successor is chosen,
strive to document and praise
and amuse and inspire
the deeds and people of the endless East
and unfailingly serve King and Kingdom.

Granted by the hand of King Gregor III at the King and Queen’s Bardic Champions at the East Kingdom Celebration of Twelfth Night on this Bellringers – the day our fine hosts of the Barony of Carillion celebrate their beginning – on this seventh day of January, AS 46 on the Feast of St. Lucian of Antioch.

By Aneleda Falconbridge

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