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A.D. 805 x 807. Cuthred, king of Kent, to Æthelnoth, praefectus; grant of 3 sulungs (aratra) at Eythorne, Kent, in return for 3000 pence.



Endorsements: (1) s. xi: Heagyþe ðornes boc (2) s. xii: Cuthredus rex dedit heageþorne Eðelnotho prefecto suo

+ In nomine altithroni qui solus regat ac gubernat omnia omnipotenter in ævum . Ego Cuðredus rex cantwariorum cum consensu Coenuulfi regis Merciorum et his testibus quorum infra nomina tenentur adscripta . dabo Æðelnoðo prefecto meo fidelissimo in provincia Cantiæ terram . iii . aratrorum in loco qui dicitur æt Heagyðe ðorne pro conpetenti pecunia id est . iiia . milia denariorum . nunc itaque predicta terra in potestate illius sit donata cum rectis terminibus et jure hereditario firmiter fixa permaneat . seu etiam ab omni vii sæcularium servitiis intus vel foras libera perseverat sine aliquo gravidine et lesione majorum minorumv? causarum . ut habeat libertatem commutandi vel donandi in vita sua et post ejus obitum tenat facultatem relinquendi cuicumque volueris . nullus regum aut episcoporum vel principum presentium vel futurorum ista sit contemnere ausus . sin autem reddat rationem coram 'Deo' et coram angelis ejus in die revelationis domini nostri Jhesu Christi amen :--

+ Ego Coenuulf rex merciorum hanc donationem consentiendo subscribo .
+ Ego Cuðred rex Cantiæ hanc donationem meam signo sanctæ crucis Christi firmabo 7 subscribo .
+ Ego Vulfredus gratia Dei archiepiscopus consensi 7 subscripsi .
+ Ego Coenwald consensi 7 subscripsi .
+ Ego Osuulf consensi 7 subscripsi .
+ Ego Ealdberht consensi 7 subscripsi .
+ Ego Wealh consensi 7 subscripsi .
+ Ego Æðelieard consensi 7 subscripsi .
+ Ego Berhtnoð consensi 7 subscripsi .
+ Ego Ceolnoð consensi 7 's'ubscripsi .
+ Wulfred archiepiscopus .
+ Alduulf episcopus .
+ Verenberht episcopus .
+ Deneberht episcæus .
+ Tidferð episcopus .
+ Alhheard episcopus .
+ Eaduulf episcopus .
+ Wulfheard episcopus .
+ Beornmod episcopus .
+ Wigberht episcopus .
+ Alhmund episcopus .
+ Wiohthun episcopus .
+ Wigmund presbiter abbas .
+ Beonna presbiter abbas .


Endorsements : ( 1) 's . xi : Heagyþe this Dorn ( 2 ) s . xii Cuthred king gave his principal heageþorne Eðelnotho

  He rules and governs all things , who alone in the omnipotently altithroni In the name of all time. I Cuðredus cantwariorum king with the consent of the king of Mercia and Coenuulfi these witnesses whose names are written below . I will give my loyal Æðelnoðo governor in the province of Kent land . iii. plow, in a place called Corston Heagyðe money that is suitable for Dorn . III . thousands of coins. now , therefore, within the jurisdiction of the said land is to be freely given to the term and by hereditary right as the lines remain firmly fixed . or even from all seven of secular services inside or outside without any burden and continues to deliver blistering minorumv ancestors ? causes. to have the liberty of exchanging or giving in his life and after his death his ability to hold to whatever you want to quit . of kings or princes or bishops or of these presents , no one dared to despise this may be the things to come . but if not, render an account of the presence of " God", and before the angels of him in the day of the revelation of our Lord Jesus Christ , Amen : -

I accept this gift Coenuulf king of Mercia subscribe.
I am the king of Kent Cuðred this my donation will establish the sign of the cross of Christ 7 subscribe.
I thank God archbishop agreed Vulfredus 7 subscribed.
I agreed Coenwald 7 subscribed.
I agreed Osuulf 7 subscribed.
I agreed Ealdberht 7 subscribed.
I agreed Wealh 7 subscribed.
I agreed Æðelieard 7 subscribed.
I agreed Berhtnoð 7 subscribed.
I agreed Ceolnoð 7 ' s'ubscripsi .
Wulfred archbishop .
Aldwulf bishop .
Verenberht bishop .
Deneberht episcæus .
Tidferð bishop .
Alhheard bishop .
Eaduulf bishop .
Wulfheard bishop .
Beornmod bishop .
Wigberht bishop .
Alhmund bishop .
Wiohthun bishop .
Wigmund priest abbot .
Beonna priest abbot .

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