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A.D. 762 or 763 (Canterbury, 25 July). Eadberht II, king of Kent, to St Peter's Minster (St Augustine's), Canterbury; grant of 6 sulungs (aratra) at Mongeham, Kent, with rights in woodland at Singledge, Kent.



In nomine regnantis inperpetuum Domini nostri Iesu Christi ac cuncta mundi iura iusto moderamine regentis. Quamuis parua et exigua sunt que pro admissis peccatis offerimus, tamen pius Dominus et redemptor noster non quantitatem muneris sed deuotionem offerentium semper inspicit. Qua de re ego Eadbertus Dei dispensatione ab uniuersa prouincia Cantuariorum constitutus rex et princeps, cognoscens initium uite et mortis, quia omni humano generi indifferens est uite cursus et mortis, prouidens ubi corpusculum meum condi deberet, nichil melius arbitratus sum nisi ibi sepulture traderer ubi iam pristino tempore parentes meos sepultos esse omnibus constat, hoc est in monasterio beati apostolorum principis Petri, cui preesse dinoscitur honorabilis abbas Iaenbertus , et quia infructuosus esse non debeo supradicte ecclesie, pro eterna redemptione animarum nostrarum mee uidelicet atque clementissimi regis Æthelberti, et corporum sepulture, necnon et pro missarum solemniis exhibendis, ad augmentum uite inibi famulantium Christo terram aratrorum sex in australi parte uici antiqui qui appellatur Mundelingeham, sicut a regibus Cantie tempore pristino et a nobis usque hactenus concessa et possessa est, interdicens etiam mihi hanc terram meisque successoribus a presenti die et tempore, una cum consensu reuerentissimi archiepiscopi Bregowini aliorumque seruorum Dei et principum meorum, beatissimo clauigero regni celestis eiusque sacre conuersationis familie inperpetuo possidendam optuli, cum campis, siluis, pratis, pascuis et cum omni tributo quod regibus daretur, ut liberam habeant potestatem possidendi uel uendendi uel etiam tradendi cuicumque uoluerint. Terminos uero huius terre ideo non scribimus quia undique ab incolis sine dubitationis scrupulo certi sunt. Et unius carri introitum in silua que appellatur Saenling. Quicumque uero sequentium regum uel episcoporum aut aliquis seculari potestate fretus hec nostre donationis scripta in aliqua parte minuere quod absit uel irrita facere nisus fuerit, inprimis iram Dei incurrat et a cetu omnium sanctorum segregetur et sciat se presumptionis sue ante tribunal Christi in die iudicii rationem esse redditurum. Scripta autem hec est cartula donationis anno primo regni nostri, die .viii. kalendarum Augusti, in ciuitate Dorouerni. Testes uero ad confirmationem infra nominatos adhibui.

+ Ego Ædbertus rex hanc donationem meam uolens confirmare propria manu signum sancte crucis expressi. Ego Bregowinus archiepiscopus consensi et subscripsi. Ego Iambertus abbas subscripsi.
+ Signum manus Bruni abbatis.
+ Signum manus Escuuald presbyteri.
+ Signum manus Esne comitis.
+ Signum manus Baldhardi.
+ Signum manus Hearedi.
+ Signum Eadberti.


In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ and, in perpetuity, of the ruling in driving the direction of the just rights of all the things of the world . Although they are small and in just a little bit for the sins committed, which we offer, however, is not the amount of the gift, but the good Lord and Redeemer , our devotion always looks into the offerers . Wherefore, I, by the whole of the province of Kent Eadbert been appointed king and the prince of the dispensation of God , acknowledging the beginning of life and death , that to every course of life and death is a matter of indifference to the human race , where prouident , my body would have to be stored , nothing I am thinking that if there were not better when it is being delivered to the burial my parents have been buried at the time of the former is plain to all , that is, in the monastery of the blessed prince of the apostles Peter, to whom the abbot , who was honored Iaenbertus is well known to be in charge , be without fruit , and that he the said church, I ought not to be , for the eternal redemption of our souls , and of course, my most gracious King Æthelberti , and the burial of bodies , and also for the masses, the festival due to the development of life serving Christ within six plow land in the southern part of the old villages were called Mundelingeham , as from the time of their original kings of Kent and we have given up and they possessed , even forbidding me this land and my successors of the present at the time of the day, and , with the consent of one of the most reverend archbishop of the servants of God and of the princes , and of other of my Bregowini , clauigero the most blessed of the heavenly kingdom and his or her mode of life is of sacred INCONSTANT to take over the household savings, with the fields , woods , meadows , feedings, and with all the tax that might be given to the kings , that they may have the power of possessing a free or sell or even give any moment . The outermost parts of this , however, by the inhabitants of the land on all sides, so he did not write it , because they are persuaded that without the involvement of doubt . And one coming in a cart in the wood that is called Saenling . As many of what follows , however, relying on the power of the secular kings or bishops, or any of these things have been written in some part of our donation efforts may be taken away , God forbid, or reject them , he shall incur the wrath of God and from the gathering of all the saints in the first place and let him know he must be excluded before the judgment seat of Christ in the day of judgment, an account of himself to be a presumption of his render . The writings , however, this is a charter of the giving of the first year of the reign of our day. , Viii. of the new moon of August , in the city of Dorouerni . But witnesses to confirm within the renowned attainments.

+ I, the king of this gift of mine wanting to confirm Ædbertus pressed them with his own hand the sign of the holy cross . I Bregowinus Archbishop , agreed to and subscribed. I Iambertus abbot subscribed.
+ Mark Abbot Bruno hand .
+ Sign Escuuald hands of priests .
+ Mark Are you a hand count.
+ Sign Baldhardi hand .
+ Sign Hearedi hand .
+ Sign EADBERT .

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