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c. A.D. 690. Swæfheard (Suabertus), king of Kent, to Æbba, abbess (of Minster-in-Thanet); grant of 2 sulungs (aratra) in Sturry and 3 at Bodsham, Kent.



In nomine saluatoris. Ego Suabertus rex Cantuariorum, miserationum Domini memor quas erga me exercuit, ideo ergo rectum iudicaui ut pro eterna salute anime mee atque meorum aliquid munusculum Domino impenderem, id est terram que sita est in Sturige .ii. aratrorum atque .iii. aratrorum in loco qui dicitur Botdesham monasteriali potestati atque regulariter uiuentibus subicerem. Quod hodierna die Domino auxiliante compleui dedique uenerabili abbatisse Eabbe ut ibi seruientium Deo preces protelentur atque pro uita mea sine defectu in conspectu Dei effundantur. Et ad confirmationem donationis istius signum sancte crucis expressi necnon et principes meos ut similiter facerent rogaui sicque fecerunt, ut si aliquis ausu nefarie temeritatis aliquid ex ea auferre uel minuere uoluerit, nouerit se alienatum a Deo in resurrectione iustorum.

+ Signum Suaberti regis.
+ Signum Gumberti .
+ Signum Æcci .
+ Ego Oswynus rex consensi et subscripsi.


In the name of the savior. Suabertus I, king of Kent, mindful of the compassion of the Lord which he has exercised towards me, for that reason, therefore, that they may have judged to be the right thing for the eternal salvation of my soul and of my little present to the Lord something to have bestowed upon the land which was situated in the Sturige that is., Ii. and plow. iii. plow at a place called the monastery Botdesham power and regularly living subicerem. That on this day, completing the help I gave to Eabbe venerable abbess there and serve God prolong your prayers for my life without failing in the eyes of God will be poured out. To the confirmation of the giving of the sign of the holy cross of that pressed them, as well as they would do in like manner, and to the princes that thou mightest have done and so I asked, as if some wickedly daring temerity to take away or diminish any thing out of it, I choose the know that it has alienated from God, in the resurrection of the just.

+ Sign Suaberti king.
+ Sign Gumberti.
+ Sign Æcci.
+ I, Oswynus king, agreed and subscribed.

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