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A.D. 765. Ecgberht, king of Kent, to Eardwulf, bishop; grant of a viculus and 2 iugera at Rochester, confirmed by Heahberht, king of Kent, and (A.D. 765 x 772, Medeshamstede) by Offa, king of the Mercians.



+ In nomine summi saluatoris et domini nostri qui ubique disponit omnia . ego Ecgberhtus rex Cantie . tibi Eardulfo meo fidelissimo ministro atque episcopo . tuae peticioni assensum prebui cum consensu scilicet uenerandi archiepiscopi Genberhti qui michi in omnibus carus est . necnon et principum meorum trado terram intra castelli moenia supranominati id est Hrofiscestri unum uiculum cum duobus iugeribus adiacentem platee que est terminus a meridie huius terre quam tibi modo in presenti possidendam habendamque . et cuicumque uolueris te uiuente seu moriente dare eternaliter perdono . Siquis autem hanc donationem meam inuido maliuoloque infringere temptauerit animo . sit separatus in hoc seculo a participatione corporis et sanguinis domini nostri Iesu Christi . et in futuro a cetu omnium sanctorum segregatus nisi antea suam presumptionem digna satisfactione correxerit . Manentem hanc kartulam in sua semper stabilitate . suprascriptam donationem meam signo sancte crucis confirmare curabo . et alios religiosos uiros ut et ipsum agerent adhibui quorum nomina cum signaculis dominice crucis intra tenentur . Actum anno dominice incarnationis . dcclxv .
+ Ego Egcberhtus rex Cantie . hanc donationem meam signo sancte crucis roborare curabo .
+ Ego Gengberhtus gratia dei archiepiscopus . consensi et subscripsi .
+ Ego Badenoð episcopus consensi et subscripsi .
+ Signum manus Uban .
+ Signum manus Udan.
+ Signum manus Aldhun .
+ Signum manus Uuilheri .
+ Signum manus Uualhardi .
+ Signum manus Tymbel .
+ Signum manus Coenberhti .
+ Signum manus Balhhardi .
+ Signum manus Aethelnodi .

Rubric: Confirmatio Heaberhti regis Cantie .

+ Ego Heaberhtus rex Cant' 'testis' consensi et subscripsi .
+ Ego Aldberhtus abbas subscripsi.
+ Signum manus Esni .
+ Singum manus Badohardi .
+ Signum manus Tidheah .
+ Signum manus Baldhordi .
+ Signum manus Eadberhti .
+ Signum manus Hetraedi .
+ Signum manus Beornulfi .
+ Signum manus Heara .

Rubric: Confirmatio Offae regis Merciorum .

+ Ego Offa rex Merciorum ad peticionem Earduulfi episcopi hanc donationem in monasterio quod appellatus est Medyhaemstede presidente abbate Botuuino meo manu atque impressione sancte crucis Christi corroboraui et . licentiam dedi habendi seu tradendi cuicunque uoluisset .
+ Ego Botuuine abbas consensi et subscripsi .


+ In the name of our Lord and Saviour of the most high , who orders all things in all places . I Ecgberhtus king of Kent . Eardwulf you my most faithful minister and bishop . that is, with the consent of your requested assent unto me in a venerable archbishop of Genberhti who is dear to all . as well as the leaders of my hand over the land within the walls of the castle that is named Hrofiscestri one hamlet with two acres of land which lies to the south border of the public squares and in the way you present possess habendamque . And to whatever you wish you lived or died eternally give pardons . Should anyone attempt to infringe this my donation maliuoloque an envious mind . is separated in this world who participate in the body and blood of our Lord Jesus Christ. and in the future gathering of all the saints , separated from the impulsiveness of his due reward of our satisfaction except they be first corrected . This kartulam always remaining in its stability. aforesaid rule my donation, I will take care to confirm the sign of the holy cross . I took unto itself, and that the men whose names they were doing and other religious to when they are held within the seals of the cross of the Lord ' . Act year of Our Lord . dcclxv .
+ I Egcberhtus king of Kent . this my donation, I will take care to reinforce the sign of the holy cross .
+ I, by the grace of God archbishop of Gengberhtus . , agreed to and signed. Badenoð
+ I, bishop, agreed and subscribed.
+ Sign Uban hand .
+ Sign Udan hand .
+ Sign Aldhun hand .
+ Sign Uuilheri hand .
+ Sign Uualhardi hand .
+ Sign Tymbel hand .
+ Sign Coenberhti hand .
+ Sign Balhhardi hand .
+ Sign Aethelnodi hand .

Rubric : Confirmation Heaberhti of Kent .

+ I, the king of Heaberhtus of Canterbury , " witness" , agreed to and subscribed.
+ I Aldberhtus abbot subscribed.
+ Sign Esni hand .
+ Singer Badohardi hand .
+ Sign Tidheah hand .
+ Sign Baldhordi hand .
+ Sign Eadberhti hand .
+ Sign Hetraedi hand .
+ Sign Beornulfi hand .
+ Sign of the heart.

Rubric : Confirmation of Offa , king of Mercia .

+ I, King Offa of Mercia, at the request of Bishop Earduulfi this donation, the abbot of the monastery which was named president Medyhaemstede Botuuino my hand, and the influence of the holy cross of Christ , and corroborated . I had wanted to have a license or any period .
+ I, the abbot Botuuine , agreed to and subscribed.

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