Friday, 18 October 2013

William Swayne, 1461

To all gentlemen & women theise prsent letters hearing or seeing humble recommendacion by my Guyan King of Armes, hit is so that manye psons moved of noble Courage purposinge to excercyse & use vertuous manners & condicions by abillitye of wch psons foresayd Guyon Kinge of Armes, a discrete and notable man called William Swayne borne in the Countie of Somerset requyring & praying me to devyse A Sygne And a Cognisuance in fourme of armes for him & the issue of his boddie lawfully begotten to beare and use in war & peace for perpetuall memorie at the request of him concerninge the wooorshifull dispotion of his person & habilitie in all gentilnes. I have devised yeoven & graunted unto the said Wm A Signe & A Cognisance of Armes, thay is to saye, that hee bears Azure, A Chevron of golde between three brode arrowe heads of the same, A Chiefe gules with three maydens heads in there heare. The weh blazon I foresayd Gwyon Kinge of Armes witnesse: not then borne of any other pson whatsoever he bee wthin the Realme of England (otherwyse called the Ile of Great Brittaigne) The whiche signe and armes to have use & hold unto the said Wm Swayne & to the issue & procreation of his boddy lawfullie begotten in all Woorship and genliness everlasting And them to beare and enjoye without clayme or empechment of any pson for evermore. Into witness of wch I have doo written theise prsentes Sealed wth the Seale of myne Armes & signed with my Signe manuell the xxixti daye of the moneth of January arye in the xxxixth yeere of the Reygne of our Soveraigne lorde King Henrie the vith after the Conquest of England: p Gyan King of Armes

Harleian Society Publications Volumes 76-77: A Collection of Miscellaneous Grants by Willoughby A. Littledale (London: J. Whitehead & Son, 1925)

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