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A.D. 686 (June). Eadric, king of Kent, to St Peter's Minster (St Augustine's), Canterbury; grant of 3 sulungs (aratra) near Stodmarsh, Kent.

Latin with bounds.


In nomine saluatoris, cuius pietate regimen assequti sumus, quo etiam gubernante regnamus et omnia que habere cognoscimur ipso largiente habita possidemus. Pro qua re ego Eadricus rex Cantuariorum a presenti die et tempore terram iuris mei, quamuis pretium competens acciperim hoc est argenti libras decem, in monasterio beati Petri apostolorum principis quod situm est iuxta ciuitatem Dorouernis una cum consensu meorum patriciorum inperpetuum donaui et dono. Que supradicta terra coniuncta est terre quam sancte memorie Clotharius quondam rex beato Petro pro remedio anime sue donasse cognoscitur. Que terra determinatur: ex una parte habet uadum quod appellatur fordstreta publica indirectum et a parte alia flumen quod nominatur Stur. Omnes terras sationales cum pratis, campis, siluis, fontanis uel mariscum quod appellatur Stodmersch', cum omnibus ad supradictam terram aratrorum trium pertinentia, beato Petro eiusque familie in qua nunc preesse Adrianus abbas dinoscitur tradidi possidendam, et quicquid exinde facere uoluerint utpote Domini liberam habeant potestatem. Sicut donatum est manere decerno, numquam me heredesque meos uel successores contra hanc donationis mee cartulam ullo tempore esse uenturos. Quod si aliquis presumpserit, sit separatus a participatione corporis et sanguinis Domini nostri Iesu Christi, manente hac cartula nichilominus in sua firmitate. De quibus omnibus supradictis ac a me definitis ut ne aliqua inposterum sit aduersitas propria manu signum sancte crucis expressi et sanctissimum atque reuerentissimum Theodorum archiepiscopum nostrum ut subscriberet rogaui et alios testes similiter. Actum in mense Iunio, indictione .xiiii.

+ Ego Ædricus rex in hanc donationis mee cartulam signum sancte crucis expressi.
+ Ego Theodorus archiepiscopus gratia Dei subscripsi.


In the name of the Savior , whose piety we obtain the government , which also reigns of government and all that is known to have held the bounty possess. For that reason, I Eadric , king of Kent , from the time the land of my rights to the present day, and , although the price of ten pounds of silver that is competent to take , in the monastery of the blessed Peter, prince of the apostles that is situate near the city of Dorouernis , together with the consent of my gifts and the gift in perpetuity of the patricians . What is conditions aforesaid shall be joined to the land of the holy memory of land which had once been the king of Clotharius conveyed it to blessed Peter is known as a remedy for his soul . The land is determined , on the one hand that ford has called fordstreta indirect public and from another part of the river that is named Sturm . All lands sationales with meadows , fields, forests , fountain or marsh called Stodmersch ' , with all the above land to plow, three belonging to Peter and his family in which he now presides over Adrian abbot known to have delivered to possess, and then do whatever they want as the free to power . I vote to stay as it is given , I never made ​​my heirs or successors against this be my gift the charter at any time arrival. That if any one shall presume , it should be separated from the participation in the body and blood of our Lord Jesus Christ, in his own way detracting from this charter shall nevertheless steadfastness. From all of which it has been said above and from me, that they may take any of the future is defined by the sign of the holy cross, pressed them with his own hand , adversity , and that most holy and most reverend Archbishop Theodore, subscribe to our other witnesses and asked the same thing. Done in the month of June, and the levy. Fourteen.

  Ædricus sending the writ of the king of the sign of the holy cross of my gift , I pressed them into this .
Archbishop Theodore, by the grace of God I am subscribed.

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