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Thomas Elyott, 1492

To all present and to come which theis Lettres shall see or heare John Writhe otherwise called Garter K: of Armes of Englishmen sendeth health with all humble Commendations Equite willeth and reason ordaineth that men of valiant and virtuous be had in a perpetuall memory. And where that Noblenes is once in a blood it may not be lost without to long Continuance in sloath and vices: Also as Gaius Alammunius saith That honest pouerty taketh away noe part of Noblenes, And the Doctor Bartholomew in his treates of tokens of Arms saith, If the Armes be once ours they may in noe wise be taken away from vs. It is soe, that for diuers debaites that often armes fall between Kinesmen of longe time passed, by estimacion between two brethren in Wales called the Eliots, the iunior voided Wales, and went into Deuon: in England, of whome is come so greate number of yssue, that the passe the six ordinary differences in Armes. And also recouered both in virtue and behauiour, worthy to beare their auncient, the auncient tokens and marke of Noblenes and also, not willing to be preiudiciall to this primer house in Walles, but to haue of me thaforesaid King of Armes, and by the authority of mine office annexed, such difference as shall not be to the Cheife house preiudiciall: Whervpon Thomas Elyott and John Elyot his brother haue required mee to shew them what difference Richard Elyott their immediate Father and his Issue with their due difference might beare, without preiudice to any before of his blood, To whome I thaforsaid King of Armes, by the Authoritie of mine Office haue assigned the Armes of their house which Ass: thaforesaid Thomas and John with witness of their Cozen Mr William Elyott one of the Masters of the Kings Chancelleries shew me the Coppie, (That is to say) Quarterly the First quarter Siluer a fece gules betweene 2 gemeles verde azure, The second Siluer a Cheueron gules betweene three Castles Sables And to his timbre upon his healme, an Elephants head in his proper Colours sett on a wreath of azure and gules mantelled gules doubled azure with the difference a bordure vert and siluer gobonnee upon euery vert gobon a Bezant: like as in the margent of the presence doth appear, and shew to haue, with the due differences accustomed to the yssue of thaforesaid Richard Elyott for euermore. In witnes wherof I thaforesaid Garter King of Armes, haue signed with my hand, and sealed with the seale of my Armes, theis presente letters; Made and giuen at London, the day of the translation of St Thomas the Martir of Canterbury the yeare of our Lord 1492. And the yeare of the raigne of R. the 7th our most redoubted soueraigne and leige Lord the seauenth.

Harleian Society Publications Volumes 76-77: A Collection of Miscellaneous Grants by Willoughby A. Littledale (London: J. Whitehead & Son, 1925)

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