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A.D. 784. Ealhmund, king of Kent, to Wihtred, abbot, and his familia at Reculver; grant of 12 sulungs (aratra) at Sheldwich, Kent.



Raculf. Scildwich.

+ Anno dominicæ incarnationis . dcc . lxxxiiii . Ego Ealmundus rex Canciæ do tibi Hwitrede honorabili abbati tuæque familiæ degenti in loco qui dicitur Raculfcestre terram duodecim aratrorum . quæ dicitur Scilduuic cum universis ad eam rite pertinentibus . liberam ab omni sæculari servitio . et ab omni regali tributo exceptis expedicione . pontis et arcis construccione . Si quis quod absit contra hoc donum meum facere temptaverit ; iram omnipotentis Dei incurrat . et cum impiis et peccatoribus flammis ultricibus sine fine dampnetur .

+ Ego Iambertus archiepiscopns Canciæ hanc regis donationem et excommunicacionem consenciens et subscribens confirmo .


Raculf. Scildwich.

+ Year of Our Lord. seven. eighty. Kent King Ealmundus I give you and your family living in a place called the abbot Hwitrede honorable Raculfcestre twelve plow the land. Scilduuic called to it, with all the appropriate. free from all the service. and except for the execution of all regal tribute. The building of the bridge to the Castle. If, God forbid, any one who tries to do against this gift of mine; incur the wrath of Almighty God. and may he be damned with the wicked: and sinners at the end without avenging flames.

+ I Iambertus archiepiscopns Kent excommunication and that his royal consent to donation and encourage the subscriber.

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