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A.D. 778 (Canterbury). Ecgberht, king of Kent, to Deora, bishop of Rochester; grant of a half sulung (aratrum) a Bromhey in Frindsbury, Kent, and a marsh called Scaga. Latin, with bounds of appurtenant meadows in Hreodham (? Redham in Cliffe, Kent).


Endorsements: (1) in a hand of s. x: + Bromgehæges boc. (2) in a hand of s. xv: Egcbertus rex

+ In nomine domini nostri Iesu Christi . pietatis beneficium quod quisque fidelium pro Christi reuerentia seruo dei fideliter domino seruienti misericorditer contulerit Christo hoc conferre dinoscitur . nam ipse in fine mundi ad electos suos loquens dicturus est . cum uni ex minimis meis fecistis mihi fecistis1 . Idcirco ego Egcberhtus rex Cantiae . hanc dominicam sententiam memoriter retinens et piis operibus deo instigante adimplere curabo tibi Dioran Hrofensis ecclesiae antistiti aliquam partem terrae iuris mei libenter concedo id est dimidiam unius aratri partem ubi nominatur Bromgeheg simul et mariscem uocabulo Scaga et ut per omne ab hac die et deinceps subsequens tempus cum notissimis terminis omnibusque utilitatibus ad eam rite pertinentibus tuo proprio iuri aeternaliter habendam possidendam tradendamque cuicumque hominum uolueris hilari concedo animo huius autem marisci terminus est aqua pene undique circumperfusa . Siquis ergo heredum successorumque meorum contra hanc piam donationem meam uenire fuerit ausus et temerare eam inuido maliuoloque temtauerit animo sit anathema maranatha2 . Manente hac chartula in sua nihilominus stabilitate quam roborare propria manu curaui et alios idoneos religiososque testes 'ut' id ipsum agerent adhibui quorum nomina infra caraxata continentur . Actum anno dominicae incarnationis . dcclxxviii . in ciuitati Dorouerni .

+ Ego Egcberhtus rex Cantiae hanc donationem meam signo crucis Christi roboraui
+ Ego Iaenberhtus archiepiscopus testis consentiens subscripsi .
+ Signum manus Escuuald presbyter
+ Signum manus Uban .
+ Signum manus Boban .
+ Signum manus Uualhard .
+ Signum manus Ubban .
+ Signum manus Aldhun .
+ Signum manus Sigired .
+ Signum manus Esni .
+ Eaniardi

... Huic uero terre adiacent prate ubi dicitur Hreodham . in iiiior . locis . in uno loco . xviim . agros . on eastan Clifwara gemære . 7 on suðan Tucincgnæs . 7 on wæstan Culinga gemære . 7 on norðan ; et in alio loco . xiim . agros . on eastan is Culinga gemære. 7 on suðan Clifwara gemeere . 7 on westan . 7 on norðan ; et in tertio loco . viim . agros . be eas'tan' . is Mearcfleot . 7 be suðan . 7 be westan 7 be norðan is Clifwara gemere ; et in quarto loco . sex agros . be eastan is Clifwara gemære . 7 be suðan is Culinga gemære. 7 be westan is 7 be norðan Clifwara gemære ;

1 Matt. 25: 40, 45 2 I Cor. 16: 22


Endorsements : ( 1 ) on a hand of the Sts. x + Bromgehæges this . ( 2) Not in the from of the Sts. XV: Egcbertus king

+ In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. benefit of what each of the faithful servant of God, reverence for Christ faithfully master sergeant mercifully bestowed this transmits to Christ . for he , speaking at the end of the world to his elect is going to say . ye have done it unto one of the least of mine with me fecistis1 . Therefore I Egcberhtus king of Kent . this Lord's vote , held in memory and good works inspired him to fulfill God will take care of the church, the bishop of Rochester Dioran you have willingly concede a portion of land that is half of one side of the plow is mentioned by name Scaga Bromgeheg together and marsh and that from this day forward, every time with the following known boundaries and all the advantages it appropriate to have your own law eternally tradendamque possess any of you want to grant the cheerful spirit of this term is the marsh water almost everywhere circumperfusa . So if any of my heirs and successors has dared to go against this loving gift of mine and pollute it with an envious maliuoloque temtauerit maranatha2 be anathema . Detracting from this paper likewise in its own hands to strengthen the stability of the care and other suitable religious witnesses' that's the very thing I invited caraxata whose names are included below . Enacted in the year of our Lord . dcclxxviii . Dorouerni in the city .

+ I , king of Kent Egcberhtus this my donation sign cross of Christ
+ I Iaenberhtus archbishop witness agreement signed.
+ Sign
+ Sign priest hands Escuuald hand Uban .
+ Sign Boban hand .
+ Sign Uualhard hand .
+ Sign Ubban hand .
+ Sign Aldhun hand .
+ Sign Sigired hand .
+ Sign Esni hand .
+ Eaniardi

... But this land is adjacent to the meadow where it says Hreodham . in the last four . places. in one place. xvii. fields . on eastan Clifwara moan . 7 Tucincgnæs on Sudan . 7 on wæstan Culinga moan . Northumberland that on May 7 , and in another place . xiim . fields . eastan Culinga moan on it . 7 on Sudan Clifwara moan . Westan on May 7 . Northumberland that on May 7 , and in the third place . seventh . fields . eas'tan be us . " Mearcfleot it . 7 BE Sudan. 7 7 BE BE westan Northumberland Clifwara atop it , and in fourth place . six fields . BE eastan Clifwara he groans . 7 BE Sudan Culinga he groans . 7 7 BE BE westan he Northumberland Clifwara mourn

1 Matt . 25: 40, 45 1 2 Heart . 16: 22

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