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A.D. 762. (Canterbury) Æthelberht II, king of Kent, to the minster of SS Peter and Paul (St Augustine's) Canterbury; exchange whereby the minster cedes the half-use of a mill to the royal vill at Wye, Kent, in return for pasture rights in the Weald for its tenant at Chart, Kent.



In nomine Domini nostri Iesu. Possessio quedam est terra in regione que uocatur Cert monasterii scilicet beatorum Petri et Pauli apostolorum quod situm est ad orientem ciuitatis Dorouernis . In hac autem terra habetur molina cuius quippe semis utilitas, id est dimidia pars molendine, a possessoribus prefati monasterii ac terre huius ad uillam regalem que nominatur With tradita est, pro hac uidelicet conditione atque commutatione, ut homo ille qui hanc terram in qua molina est tributario iure teneret unius gregis porcorum pascuam atque pastinationem in saltu Andoredo iugiter haberet. Hanc autem commutationem ego Æthilberhctus rex Cantie ut rata inperpetuum existat signo dominice crucis roborare curaui et testes religiosos ut id ipsum facerent adhibui. Actum in ciuitate Dorouernis, anno incarnationis Domini .dcclxii.

+ Ego Athelbertus rex, ut prefata commutatio atque donatio firma inperpetuo persistat, in nomine Dei omnipotentis quibusque dignitatis ac conditionis hominibus precipio et per crucem dominice passionis adiuro, cuius signum ad cumulum firmitatis in hac paginula descripsi.
+ Ego Bregwynus archiepiscopus testis consentiens canonice subscripsi.
+ Ego Albertus prefectus subscripsi.


In the name of our Lord Jesus . Certainly, that is the one we call in the country is the land of a certain possessions of the monastery of the blessed apostles Peter and Paul, which is situated to the east of the city of Dorouernis . In this, however , is considered the land of Molina whose profit is there for a half , that is the half of the mills, at the town of its occupants of this land of the aforesaid monastery and the royal Wight is mentioned which has been handed down , in favor of this , and of course, the condition of the exchange, as a man who had put the land in which he is Molina Fee tributary of one flock of pigs in the forest, pasture and trenching Andoredo ever had . But this king of Kent, the fixed exchange Æthilberhctus I ever exists sign of the Holy Cross to strengthen care and do the very thing that witnesses religious attainments. Dorouernis act in the city , the year of our Lord. Dcclxii .

+ I Athelbertus king , said that the exchange and donation INCONSTANT firm today , in the name of Almighty God , describing his position and condition of the bid , and I swear by the cross, Passion , and a sign of stability for the increase in this paginula described .
+ I Bregwynus archbishop witness Agree canonically subscribed.
+ I, Albert admitted subscribed.

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