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A.D. 604 x 616. Æthelberht, king, to Mellitus, bishop, and St Paul's minster; grant of land at Tillingham, Essex.



In Christi nomine. Æðelbertus rex deo inspirante pro anime sue remedio dedit episcopo Mellito terram que appellatur Tillincgeham ad monasterii sui solatium, scilicet monasterii sancti Pauli apostoli doctoris gentium. Et ego rex Æðelbertus ita firmiter concedo tibi presuli Mellito potestatem eius habendi et possidendi, ut in perpetuum in monasterii utilitate permaneat. Si quis uero contradicere temptauerit hanc donationem, anathema et excommunicatus sit ab omni societate Christiana usque ad satisfactionem. Qua de re ego episcopus Mellitus , una cum rege Æðelberto , Hunfredum episcopum subscribere rogaui. Signum manus Hunfredi episcopi. Signum manus Letharii episcopi. Signum manus Æbane . Signum manus Æþelwaldi . Signum manus Æscwine . Et aliorum multorum.


In of Christ the name. Æthelberht king the inspiration of God instead of her soul with remedy gave bishop the of Mellitus the land which was called the Tillincgeham to of his monastery any comfort of, namely, of the monastery of St. Paul the the apostle, teacher of nations. And as I was the king of Æthelberht in such a way must be firmly I give you leave the leader Mellitus the power of the of his of having more and possess goods, that they may in the perpetual charity in the benefit of the monastery continue as he is. If, indeed anyone should to contradict the attempt to this gift, may him be anathema and has been excommunicated is to be from all the society of the the Christian as far as the give an answer to. Concerning which matter you, I, Bishop Mellitus labored under, together with the king of Æthelberht, of Hunfred, a bishop to to sign Then I besought. Sign hand Hunfred, bishop. Sign hand Leuthhere, bishop. Sign hand Æbane. Sign hand Æþelwaldi. Sign hand Æscwine. And of many others.

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