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A.D. 618. Eadbald, king, to the minster of SS Peter and Paul (St Augustine's), Canterbury; grant of 30 sulungs (aratra) at Northbourne, Kent.



In nomine patris et filii et spiritus sancti. Ego Eadbaldus rex gloriosi regis Æðelberti filius, quem protodoctor et apostolus Anglorum Augustinus cum suo regno ab eternis infernorum cruciatibus eripuit et dealbatum fonte baptismatis sanctorum collegio copulauit, per uenerabilem Laurentium beati Augustini discipulum, quem ipse pater nouelle adhuc Anglorum ecclesie sibi successorem in archiepiscopatum ordinauerat, tandem sermonibus assiduis et signis ac plagis in se ipso pro me passis ac ostensis a uolutabro scelerum lotus et ad agnitionem creatoris omnium creaturarum promotus, Dominum Deum meum recognosco et adoro. Proinde ego Eadbaldus , in solio paterno confirmatus, patris uestigia imitans et ecclesias Dei quas uiriliter instantia patris Augustini fundauit et terris multisque honoribus ditauit augens et confirmans, monasterio apostolorum Petri et Pauli in suburbio Dorouernie ciuitatis fundato et prerogatiuo ecclesiastice libertatis priuilegio munito terris ac uariis honoribus ditato, ad honorem Dei et sanctorum apostolorum sanctique Augustini , pro remedio anime patris mei meeque parentumque meorum, gratanter concedo et amicabiliter do quandam partem terre regni mei, .xxx. aratrorum nomine Northburne, in usum monachorum ibidem Deo famulantium, ubi ipse pater Augustinus et pater meus requiescunt, ubi etiam archiepiscopos et reges sibi succedentes requiescere decreuerunt, ubi et corpus meum sepeliri precipio. Hanc autem prefatam terram in omnibus ad se pertinentibus, pascuis, paludibus, pratis, siluis ac finibus maritimis ita liberam ac quietam dono ac dito, sicut pater meus aut ego unquam liberius habuimus. Huius donationis confirmationem tropheo agie crucis + et carta mea regia consignaui, assidentibus et collaudantibus archiepiscopo, baptista scilicet meo, Laurentio et subscribente cum regina mea Æmma filiisque meis Egfrido ac Ercumberto , cum duobus episcopis Mellito Lundonie et Iusto Roffensis ecclesie ceterisque multis comitibus et optimatibus meis confauentibus et subscribentibus, in huius donationis fautores et auctores uitam eternam optantibus, in inuidentes seu minuentes Dei omnipotentis et sanctorum apostolorum et patris nostri Augustini terribilem interminationem.
+ Ego Laurentius gratia Dei archiepiscopus signo sancte crucis sicut regem uidi facere hoc donum confirmo.
+ Ego Emma Francorum regis filia et regis Eadbaldi copula uexillo adorande crucis armaui.
+ Ego Mellitus Lundonie episcopus signo sancte crucis que uidi astipulor.
+ Ego Iustus Roffensis episcopus laudo et subscribo.
+ Ego Egbertus signo crucis libenter corroboro.
+ Ego Ercumbertus attestatione uenerande crucis gratanter concedo contestor et subscribo.
+ Ego Suueardus consensi.
+ Ego Guthardus subscribo.

Actum est autem anno ab incarnatione saluatoris nostri Iesu Christi sexcentesimo octauo decimo, indictione .iiii.


In the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. I am the king of the glorious king Eadbald Æðelberti son , whom protodoctor Augustine and the English with their kingdom from eternal torments of hell and rescued whitewashed the baptismal font, the combined company , the venerable St Lawrence disciple whom he is still the father of modern English church ordained his successor as archbishop , at last the words of those who suffer with frequent and signs, and quarters in his very self, for me and washed with crimes, and , to the knowledge of the Creator of all creatures uolutabro from what has been shown has been promoted , reviewed and I worship the LORD my God . I just Eadbald , on the throne of his father confirmed , imitating his father's footsteps and churches of God which strongly request father Augustine founded and in many countries , strengthening and increasing the enriched honors , monastery Apostles Peter and Paul in the suburbs of the city founded Dorouernie entrenched privilege and prerogative to liberty of the church lands and various honors and, finally, to the honor of God and the saints of the apostles and St Augustine, for the salvation of the souls of my parents, my father's meeque , thankfully I grant and give a friendly way by a certain portion of land of my kingdom . thirty . Northburne the name of the plow , the use of the monks serving God there, where he himself my father, Augustine, and the father the rest, and made a decree to rest where there is also the archbishops and the kings of successive to one another , and where I order my body to be buried . On the other hand , in the land of all that belongs to the aforementioned , pastures , swamps , meadows , woods and so maritime borders of the free and the gift of a quiet and harsh , as my father that I will not at any time we have had more freely . Confirmation of this grant trophy token of the holy cross + and royal charter have distinguished it , assisting and applause, the archbishop , namely my Baptist , Lorenzo and the signature with the queen Æmma my children and my Egfrid Ercumberto , with the two bishops Mellitus and Justus Rochester London and other church leaders and many of my companions confauentibus and subscribers , the authors and supporters of this grant eternal life wishers , or the envy of decrease of the Almighty God and the saints and apostles of our father Augustine terrible limitation .
+ I, Lawrence , archbishop of the sign of the grace of God, it is the gift of the holy cross to make it sure, I have never seen as a king .
+ I, King of France, daughter Emma and the standard bond Eadbald adorable cross arms .
+ I Mellitus , Bishop of London and I saw the sign of the cross AGREE .
+ I, Justus , bishop of Rochester I praise and subscribe.
+ I will gladly sign of the cross , Egbert RECRUIT .
+ I Ercumbertus attestation venerable cross freely concede I take and subscribe.
+ I Suueardus agreed.
+ I Guthardus subscribe.

This moreover was executed just a week after the six hundred and tenth year from the incarnation of our Saviour Jesus Christ , levy. Fourth .

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