Friday, 18 October 2013

Carpenters Company, 1466

To alle nobles and gentilles thise presentes Lres heryng or seyng William Hawkeslowe otherwise called Clarenseux Kyng of Armes of the Southe Marches of Englond sendeth humble and due recommendacion as it appteyneth ffor soo moche as the felowship of the Crafte of Carpenters of ye Worshipfull and noble Citee of London courageously moeved to excise and vse gentill and comendable guydyng in suche laudable maner and fourme as may best sound vnto gentrice by the which they shall mowe with Goddes grace to atteigne vnto honour and worship haue Desired and prayde me the said Kyng of Armes that Y by the power and auctorite by the Kynges good grace to me in that behalf comytted shuld devise a Conisaunce of Armes for ye said felowship and Crafte which they and theire Successours might boldly and vowably occupie chalenge and enioye for evermore without any puidice or rebuke of any estate or gentil of this Realme. At the instaunce and request of whom I the said Kyng of Armes takyng respecte and consideracion vnto the goodly entent and disposicion of the said ffelowship and Crafte have deuised for them and thire Successours thise armes folowyng that is to sey A felde Siluer a Cheveron sable grayled iij Compas of the same Which armes Y of my said power and auctorite have appoynted yeven and graunted to and for the said ffelowship and Crafte and theire Successours and by thise my presentes lres appoynte, yeve, and gunte vnto them the same. To have, chalenge, occupie, and enioye, without any puidice or empechement for evermore. In Witnesse whereof Y the said Kyng of Armes to thise presentes have sette my seall of Armes wt my signe manuell Yeven at the Citee of London the xxiiij day of the moneth of Nouember The sixt yere of the regne of oure Souerayne Lord Kyng Edward the fourth. 
Clarenssevx Kyng of Armes

An Historical Account of the Worshipful Company of Carpenters of the City of London by Edward Basil Jupp (London: Pickering & Chatto, 1887)

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