Friday, 18 October 2013

Richard Blackwall, 1494

To all true Cristen People thiese present Letters heryng or redying I Christofer Norrey King of Armes of the North parties of the Realme of England all due and humble recomendation had unto all Persons of Nobles and other to whome thiese Lres shall appear For as moch as I the said Norrey beyng one of the Kyngs of Armes and admytted so by the Kyngs Highnes and by virtue of hys Letters Pattents to me graunted as more plainly doth appear Gevyng to me full Authority to all thyngs concernyng my sayd office as to other beyng afore mee yn the same. And I according to my said office and othe have been requyred by oon right worshipfull gentilman of the County of Derby called Richard Blackwall of Blackwall to enquire and search for the Armes of his Progenitors and Surname. Att whose request I the sayd Norrey King of Armes have serched in divers ancyent Books and Rolles pertayning to my said office And ther have found that of the same name hath been right Worshipful both of Authority and Armes as it apperyth in ye said Bookes of office Whereuppon I the said Norrey having respect and seyng ye Vertue and Substance of the said Richard Blackwall and his Possession sufficient to meyntayne his heirs ensuying at his desyre have devised to him and to his said heires for evermore thies Armes folowyng and therin to be revested att their pleasure that is to saie He beryth Silver and Sable party per fesse indented, in the Chief three besantes gold, in the second part silver a Grewhond Sabyll in fess colored gold and goulys shekey. The Crest upon the Helme A Grewhonds hede sable coupped coloured shekey gold and goulys, the mantell sable lined Silver. As more pleynly in the marrgent doth appear whych Armes and Creste I the said King of Arms ratifie and confirme unto the said Richard and to his heirs of his Body lawfully begotten without any interruption or empeachment Impediment or Lett of any Pson or Persons and in likewise to use to all his posterity for ever more. In Witness whereof to these present Letters I have sett the Seal of myne Armes and signed the same with my hand the Eighth daie of the Month of August, ye Nynth Yeare of ye Reigne of our Sovereign Lord King Henry the Seventh, 1494. 

Harleian Society Publications Volumes 76-77: A Collection of Miscellaneous Grants by Willoughby A. Littledale (London: J. Whitehead & Son, 1925)

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