Thursday, 3 October 2013

An Tir Court Barony Wording

By these words let it be proclaimed that We, _________ An Tir and _________ An Tir acknowledge the efforts and contributions Our subject __________________ has made to Our realm. Therefore We are minded to name him/her a Baron/ess of Our Court with all due rights and privileges in token of Our gratitude. In addition We award and assign unto Our new Baron/ess the arms following, that is to say: [BLAZON] to be borne and used solely and exclusively by him/her throughout the Knowne World. Done by Our hand and seal the _____________ day of (month)______________, A.S. _______.


It is Our prerogative as King and Queen to honour with the title of Baron/ess those of Our subjects whose noble attributes have pleased Us. This title is given in appreciation of Your (reason) and is in addition to any rank you may hold in this Kingdom. We, ___________ and ___________, King and Queen of An Tir, do hereby name you __________________, Baron/ess in the Kingdom of An Tir. Done by Our hand and seal this ___________ day of (month)_____________, A.S. ______, being the year ________ of the common era.

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