Thursday, 3 October 2013

An Tir Duchess Wording

As is in accord with what is meet and proper, let all know throughout the land that We, ____________ and ____________, Sovereign King and Queen of An Tir, in recognition that Our loyal subject _______________________ has twice served the Crown as Queen in Our Realm, offering her grace and patience to all and giving of her wisdom in council and in court, are pleased to invest her as Duchess. Further We affirm by these Royal Letters Patent her right to bear [BLAZON]. She shall from this day on be known by her coronet of gold, embellished with strawberry leaves and her counsel shall be weighed as befits one who has twice bourne the Crown of An Tir as she represents for all to see that singular honour for which Chivalry exists. Further, she shall henceforth be entitled to all other insignia, rights, honours, privileges and duties as are assigned one of such within the Kingdom of An Tir. In affirmation of her investiture as Duchess, We have this _________ day of (month)_______________, A.S. _________, set Our hand and affixed Our Great Seal to these Royal Letters Patent. 

By seal and signature, Black Lion Herald testifies that the armories depicted and blazoned herein belong unto the said _________________________ to use, bear, and show forth at all times.

 [Source: An Tir College of Scribes site]

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