Thursday, 3 October 2013

An Tir Viscountess Wording

Princesses with seemly grace have ruled Our people with sweet gentility. We, ____________ and ____________, King and Queen of An Tir, are grateful that the beloved subjects of the fair Principality of _______________ have had such a one as the good and noble ________________________ as their Princess. She is worthy of honor and praise. We are minded this day to fulfill our happy duty. Let all know that ________________________ having reigned over Our Principality of _______________ is a Viscountess of Our Realm with all the honors, dignities, and responsibilities of this high rank. Further, We do affirm her the sole and exclusive right to bear by Royal Letters Patent, the Arms, to wit; [BLAZON]. Done this ____________ day of (month)_____________, A.S. _________, in testimony whereof We have here set Our hand and great seal. 

By seal and signature, Black Lion Herald testifies that the armories depicted and blazoned herein belong unto the said _________________________ to use, bear, and show forth at all times.


All Gentles and Nobles know by these presents that We ____________, Prince by right of arms of __________, and ____________, Our Princess of love and beauty, right mindful of the grace and nobility which ________________________ lent to the Coronet of ______________________, and knowing full well the toil and patience with which she has served the Kingdom of An Tir, are most pleased to acknowledge her as Viscountess. And though a Viscountess holds no authority or power to command, yet is she to be granted such honor and respect as befits a person of great worth and courtesy. She shall be known and her counsel shall be weighed as befits one who has borne the coronet of a Principality within the Kingdom of An Tir. Done this ____________ day of (month)_____________, A.S. _________, in the reign of(King)____________ An Tir and (Queen)____________ An Tir, We have set Our hand and seal in testimony.

 [Source: An Tir College of Scribes site]

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