Friday, 4 October 2013

Ansteorra Order des Cötes Anciennes Wording

Let it be known by one and all that ______ has distinguished {him/her}self by {his/her} actions of devotion to this Barony of the Eldern Hills. Willing hands and eager hearts are our lifeblood and therefore are greatly appreciated and worthy of recommendation. In recognition of the efforts and contributions, both physically and mentally, made by the person herein named, we do this day confer upon this worthy the Order des Côtes Anciennes. Wear proudly that which you have so righteously earned and so justly deserve. Consult with our heralds if need be to devise suitable arms. Given by our hand this ______ day of ______ A.S. ______, being ______ in the common reckoning.
 ______, Baron of the Eldern Hills  ______, Baroness of the Eldern Hills
 Principals -- Order des Côtes Anciennes

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