Friday, 4 October 2013

Ansteorra Patent of Arms Achievement Wording

TO ALL and singular unto whom these presents shall come [name] Star Principal Herald of Ansteorra sends greetings. WHEREAS from the earliest days the valiant and virtuous acts of worthy persons have been commended to the world with sundry emblems of excellence of which the premier has been the patent of arms and which continues thus to this day AND BEING requested of [name of recipient] to examine the records of the Society College of Arms and my Office do find that by Patent of Arms is entitled to bear ensigns armorial TO WIT [blazon of arms] and livery [livery tinctures] and for the crest [blazon of crest] with the motto [text of motto] <as more plainly appears in the margin> THE WHICH I the aforesaid Star Principal Herald by the authority of my Office by the Laws of Ansteorra and the Society do confirm unto and for the aforesaid [name of recipient] to have and enjoy forever without let or hindrance by any person
whomsoever IN WITNESS WHEREOF I have hereunto set my hand and seal of Office this [number] day of [month] Anno Societatis [number] being Anno Domini [number].
 ___[signature of Star]___

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