Saturday, 5 October 2013

Artemisia Landed Baron/Baroness Wording

Note: the investiture of a landed Baron and Baroness is also very rare and should likewise be given attention by making a unique text for this, too. Consultations would be the same as for founding Baron and Baroness text.

Know all before whom these letters may come, that we, <King> and <Queen>, King and Queen of Artemisia, being well pleased with the service of Our subject(s), <name(s)>, do wish to reward (him/her/them) with Our fief of the Barony of <Barony's name>. We grant (him/her/them) the rights, and charge them with the responsibilities of the rank of territorial (Baron/Baroness/Baron and Baroness) in Our realm, that (he/she/they) may care for Our lands and Our people. In Witness whereof We set Our hands and seal this day of Anno Societatis being one thousand nine hundred ninety in the common era at <name of event>.

Rex Artemisius Regina

By my signature I, Golden Wing Principal Herald do certify that the armories here depicted are true and correct.
Golden Wing Principal Herald

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