Saturday, 5 October 2013

Artemisia Peacock Key Wording

(Personal Service to the Baron and Baroness)

There are many who serve this Barony in great ways, but there are those who commit more personal service to its Baron and Baroness that the tasks placed on them shall not overwhelm them. To personally thank these individuals for their committed and generous Service Their Excellencies, William and Elizabeth, did establish the order of the Peacock Key. Be it now known throughout all the Kingdoms that <Baron> and <Baroness> now wish to honor their faithful servant, <name>, for (his/her) extraordinary service unto them, making their burden less heavy and their reign more peaceful. For most kind and considerate service we now gratefully admit you as a member of the Peacock Key. Done this ___ day of ___, Anno Societatis ___, being the year two thousand in the Common Era at <event> in the Barony of One Thousand Eyes.

Baron Baroness


There are many that serve this Barony in extraordinary ways, but a personal few that serve the Baron's and Baroness' needs most specifically. To thank one who has given this special attention to us, we, <Baron> and <Baroness> now reward the hard efforts of <name> with the Order of the Peacock Key. We declare this, with our gratitude, this ___ day of ___, Anno Societatis ___, and will long remember these worthy efforts. Done in the Gregorian year two thousand at <event> in the Barony of One Thousand Eyes.

Baron Baroness

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