Saturday, 5 October 2013

Artemisia Viscount Wording

Know all people by these presents that We, <King/Prince> and <Queen/Princess>, (King and Queen of Atenveldt/Prince and Princess of Artemisia) in recognition that Our subject <name> has once reigned as (Prince/Princess) in Our realm, do hereby acknowledge (him/her) (Viscount/Viscountess). We do affirm (his/her) sole and exclusive right to bear the following arms by letters patent in the Society for Creative Anachronism: <blazon>. In witness whereof We set Our hands and seal this ___ day of ___, Anno Societatis ___, being the year two thousand in the Common Era, at <event> in Our <S.C.A. group>.

Rex Atenveldtus/Princeps Artemisia

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