Sunday, 6 October 2013

Atenveldt Blood of Fenris Wording

Pray attend all faithful subjects of these glorious lands of Atenveldt, give ear to the word of the Crown. Whereas it has come to Our notice that Our loyal subject has displayed great prowess, honor and skill in hard suit fighting and inasmuch as We delight to reward those who have brought renown to Our Realm We ____ King by right of arms, and ____ Queen by grace and beauty do exercise Our Sovereign rights and duties to elevate ______ as a Companion of the Order of the Blood of Fenris. Done this ____ day of ___

Rex Regina

By Jennifer Trethewy


May all who come by these present letters take heed that We, ______ and ______, King and Queen of all Atenveldt do wish all to know of the skill and enthusiasm Our subject _____ exhibits in the practice and teaching of the Arts of Fighting. Thus it is Our wish to admit him(her) into the Order of the Blood of Fenris. We do ask him(her) to continue on this most excellent of paths, to share his(her) skills and knowledge with Our subjects.

This We do by Our Hand on this ___ day of _____, Anno Societatis ____ being ____ in
the Gregorian Year.

Rex Atenveldtus Regina

By Ilsa von Sonnenburg

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