Sunday, 6 October 2013

Atenveldt Commander /Companion of the Light Wording

Proclaim to all to whom these letters come that Our most Noble subject RN has given of them tirelessly. His/her dedication and commitment to the well being of this Kingdom are legendary. It is Our pleasure to bestow on him/her the rank and title of Commander/Companion of the Light of Atenveldt. Done by Our hands this _____day of _______anno societatis ______being________in the common era.

Rex Atenveldtus Regina Atenveldtus.

 By Branwen of Werchesvorde


Unto the populace of Atenveldt do We, King Name, King by right of arms of glorious Atenveldt and Queen name, our beloved Queen send greetings. There are many among our populace who dedicate themselves tirelessly to the success of Our dear Kingdom and who inspire Us all with their acts of service. But there are those who stand out as paragons of such service and for them was created the Light of Atenveldt. However, once per reign We are privileged to recognize truly exemplary service and today We recognize the acts of recipient name who has inspired Us with their efforts. Without the service of such selfless laborers Our Kingdom could not flourish. We thank name for their dedication to Ourselves, this great Kingdom of Atenveldt, and Our populace and we recognize him/her as a Commander of the Order of the Light of Atenveldt.

In joyful witness whereof we set Our hands this day of month, which is the year AS your of Our Society and is also known as the year modern year.

By Cecelia Mowbray

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