Sunday, 6 October 2013

Atenveldt Commander of the Pilgrims of the Desert Wording

Unto all who see and hear these words to we (Name of King) King by right of arms and (Name of Queen) Queen by courtly graces and beauty, give fond greetings. There are those who in our kingdom that have shown much dedication and skill in researching and creating authentic arts and sciences that we with joyest heart do name our subject


Whose Knowledge and skill in reproducing period crafts has greatly enriched our realm. We further ask that you continue your quest in period authenticity as a member of our Order of The Pilgrim of the Desert as a Commander.

In witness thereof do we hereby set our hands on this _______ day of __________ Anno Societatis XLII which is MMVII in the Common Era

Rex Atenveldtus Regina

By Ritchyrd McUath

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