Sunday, 6 October 2013

Atenveldt Duke/Duchess/Count/Countess Wording

Let all that see or hear Our words know that _____ has, with a kind and gentle hand, ruled as [King///Queen] of Atenveldt, and has guided and guarded Our Realm with wisdom, skill, and patience through which the Kingdom has prospered and its prominence increased. Therefore do We ____ King by right of arms and ____Queen and patroness of courtly graces elevate ____ to the rank of Royal Peer bearing the title [Duke/Duchess/Count/Countess] with all the rights, duties, privileges, insignia, precedence and responsibilities due this position. We confirm [his/her] exclusive right to bear arms by Letter Patent as here blazoned _______________________________. In witness thereof We set Our hands on this the ___day of ___ in the year of the Society ___, which is ____ by the common calendar.

Rex Regina

By Jennifer Trethewy

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