Sunday, 6 October 2013

Atenveldt Esprit de Corps Wording

Unto all the populace of Our mighty land of Atenveldt, do We, (KING),  King by right of arms and (QUEEN), Our Queen by grace and beauty, give  greetings. Gallant and chivalrous is the company of warriors that presents excellence in its bearing both on and off the field. To be proficient is desirable, but to exceed in heraldic display and armorial splendor during battle is worthy of praise. It is thus Our great pleasure to award (NAME OF GROUP) the Esprit de Corps. May they forever continue to serve as a model of Aten pride upon the fields of Estrella.

This We do on the (DATE) day of (MONTH), Anno Societatis (ROMAN NUMERAL YEAR) being (YEAR) in the Common Era.
 ___________ ________________

 King               Queen

By Catriona of Kyntale

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