Sunday, 6 October 2013

Atenveldt Fleur de Soleil Wording

Inasmuch as Our subject (name of recipient) had demonstrated excellence and knowledge in the Arts and Sciences, We, (name of King and Queen), King and Queen of All Atenveldt are pleased to admit (him / her) into Our Order of the Fleur de Soleil. We ask that (he / she) continue to share (his / her) expertise and to be a model of artistic merit to all people in Our Realm.

Given by Our Hands this ___ day of ____ Month, Anno Societatis (roman numerals), being (modern date) in the Common Era.

_________________________________ __________________________________
 Rex Atenveldtus                                      Regina

By Mairi Broder


To all true and loyal subjects these present letters reading, hearing or seeing do We _______, King by right of Arms, and ______ , Queen of all Atenveldt, send due humble recommendation and greetings.

Equity requires and reason ordains that for so much as those who pursue their craft with devotion and diligent service, compelled thereunto by the very course of nature in the most honorable ways and means to them possible for to exalt their skill in the arts and sciences and the glory of Atenveldt be had in honor and nobility as by their minds can be thought or contrived to the intent that every person entering or coming into their craft, hearing of their skill and laudable virtues and commendable dispositions should the rather apply themselves effectually with all possible diligence toward the maintenance, support and long continuance of the same.

 That is to say that We, with all the tender zeal and inward affection that we bear towards ____ do admit him as a Companion of the Order of the Fleur de Seleil. That the honor and skill of our beloved subject now be and hereafter shall be known forever more. In witness thereof We, Sovereigns of Atenveldt, do these presents sign with Our own hands on the ____day of ____ in the year of the Society ___, ____as reckoned by the common calendar.

Rex Regina

By Jennifer Trethewy, adapted from the Bowyers Company grant, 1488 England.

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