Sunday, 6 October 2013

Atenveldt Golden Blade Wording

Now do We, (KING), King by right of arms and (QUEEN), Queen by grace and beauty, give warmest greetings to Our most beloved populace of the grand and shining kingdom of Atenveldt.

There are many fine gentles in Our land who study the noble art of the rapier. For some, this study has grown into such skill, service and teaching of the art that Our Realm has been greatly enriched by their contributions and deserves acknowledgement. It is therefore with great pleasure that We proclaim (NAME OF PERSON) worthy of such recognition for excellence in skill and service with the rapier and do admit them unto the Order of the Golden Blade.

Herewith do We set this down by Our hand on this (DATE) day of (MONTH), Anno Societatis (YEAR) which is known as (YEAR) in the common reckoning.
 _________ ________
 King           Queen

By Catriona of Kyntale

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