Sunday, 6 October 2013

Atenveldt King’s Sigil Wording

(Name of King) King of Atenveldt by virtue of beauty and of the courtly graces, do here by give this King’s Sigil in gratitude to My most noble subject

Our Reign was greatly enriched by their counsel and tireless effort on Our behalf.

Therefore do we set our hand and seal on this ___________ day of ____month______ Anno Societatis (roman numerals) being the year 200_ Gregorian.
___________________________ ______________________________
 Rex                                               Regina

By Ritchyrd McUath


Be it known by all whom these letters come that We _______________, King of all Atenveldt sends greetings. It has come to Our notice that Our subject has assisted us in great capacity during Our reign. Therefore We are pleased to award ____________ companionship in Our noble Order of the King's Sigil and is entitled to bear the symbol of this Order, being the primary charge of Our Arms which may be borne from now onward. Done by Our Hand this __ day of _____, anno societatis ____ being _____ by the common reckoning.

Rex Atenveldtus

By Isabella Evangelista

Let all who hear these words know that _______________, King of Atenveldt has seen the good works of His subject ________________, who has labored long and dilligently during His reign. In recognition of such fine service, We are pleased to admit him/her to Our Order of the King's Sigil as a companion and entitle him/her to bear a (primary charge of arms here) henceforth. Therefore We set Our Hand on the ____ of ________ a.s ______ being _______ in the common era.

Rex Atenveldtus

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