Sunday, 6 October 2013

Atenveldt Light of Atenveldt Wording

Be it known to all before whom these letters come, that Our Subject, (name of recipient) having served Our Realm most outstandingly, does deserve reward. Therefore We are minded to admit (him / her) into Our Right Noble Order of the Light of Atenveldt.

In Acknowledgement whereof, We set Our Hands this ___ day of ____ Month, Anno Societatis (roman numerals), being (modern date) in the Common Era.

_________________________________ __________________________________
 Rex Atenveldtus                                         Regina

 (text from the Second Version of the Kingdom Scribes Handbook)


Let all know who come within the sound of Our Voices that We, _____ and _____, King and Queen of the most puissant of Kingdoms, Atenveldt, do wish all to know of the exceeding amount of dedicated service rendered by Our subject __________. (S)He hath made such contributions as to be worthy to be named a Companion of the Light of Atenveldt. Let this most excellent of subjects continue in the service to Our Kingdom. In Gratitude do We set Our Hand and Seal this __ day of _____, Anno Societatis ____, being ____ thousand ____ in the Year of Common Reckoning.

Rex Atenveldtis Regina

By Ilsa von Sonnenburg

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