Sunday, 6 October 2013

Atenveldt Star of the Desert Wording

It is known far and wide that Estrella War gathers great fighters, artisans, merchants and friends for great fun, learning and celebration. It would not be possible without the service of all and the tireless efforts of Our most beloved subject. To honor such We have the Order of the Star of the Desert, which we now bestow upon _____ to be known as a Companion (gules?). Done at this Estrella War ____, AS ___,___AD.

Rex Regina

By Jennifer Trethewy


There are many among our populace who dedicate themselves tirelessly to the success of Our dear Kingdom and who inspire Us all with their acts of service. But there are those who strive particularly towards the success of Our Estrella War and to reward these selfless laborers there was created the Order of the Star of the Desert. Thus de We, king name, King by right of arms of glorious Atenveldt and queen name, our beloved Queen chose this day to recognize the efforts and dedication of our Subject recipient name as a
Companion of the Order of the Star of the Desert at the first/second/third level, which shall be manifested by a medallion bearing the arms of this award suspended on a cord of gules/azure/argent. Without the service of such selfless laborers Our Estrella War could not flourish.

In joyful witness whereof we set Our hands this day of month, which is the year AS your of Our Society and is also known as the year modern year.

By Cecelia Mowbray

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