Wednesday 2 October 2013

Avelyn of the Hedge. Award of the Orion, 2012

Many and worthy are the deeds that We, Rylyn, Queen of Ealdormere and Patroness of the Arts and Sciences, and Edward, Our King by right of arms, recognize when sitting in Our courts. These deeds are documented with Royal Seal upon illuminations of great beauty and elegance. Without the labour of the scribes who craft these documents the glory we recognize would not shine so bright.

Therefore, proclaim throughout the realm that We are right mindful of the skills in which Avelyn of the Hedge has displayed in the scribal arts and so do We wish to recognize her with Our Award of the Orion and give her the right to wear the badge of the award. Done by Our hands and seal this 1st of September, anno societatis XLVII, while sitting on Our thrones in Our Shire of Brennistein Vatn, at Baron’s Howe.

By THLaird Colyne Stewart.

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