Monday, 7 October 2013

Caid Duke Wording

Unto all nobles and gentles throughout the Known World, We, King's name and Queen's name, King and Queen of the Realm of Caid, send greetings! Henceforth, Name shall be known as a Duke/equivalent title in the Society for Creative Anachronism, by virtue of having borne the burden of Kingship twice. Furthermore, We confirm by these Royal Letters Patent his right to bear Blazon. We here charge Duke/equivalent title {recipient's first name} to uphold the dignity of this station; in token whereof We grant him the privilege of augmenting the achievement above his shield with a ducal coronet Or set upon a depiction of his helmet in gold or other metal, with mantling Color  doubled Metal  [, as can be more clearly seen in the margin hereof]. He shall hold said rank from this day, date and month, in the year of Our Lord AD year, and of the Society SCA year, unto the end of his days. In testimony whereof, We have signed these Letters Patent, and caused the Great Seal of Caid to be hereunto affixed.

_____________________________     _____________________________
King's Name, Rex Caidis                      Queen's name, Regina Caidis 
Crescent Principal Herald, Kingdom of Caid

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