Monday, 7 October 2013

Caid Grant of Arms Wording

Attend, all gentles and nobles unto whom these presents shall come, for King's name and Queen's name, King and Queen of Caid, send commendations and greetings! Our subject, Name, hath pleased Us greatly by his/her service to Our Realm [, most especially in his/her position of Baron/Baroness/office]. We choose to honor him/her with a Grant of Arms, and hereby affirm his/her right to bear the arms Blazon. In token whereof, We grant him/her the privilege of showing as achievement above his/her shield {a steel-grey helmet}/{an ancient coronet Or} with mantling/ribands Color doubled Metal [, as is more lively displayed in the margin]. This have We done on the date day of month, in the year of Our Lord AD year, being the SCA year year of the Society. In testimony whereof We here set Our hand and the Kingdom seal of Caid. Furthermore does Crescent Herald attest by his seal and signature that this document bears true name and arms.

_____________________________     _____________________________
King's Name, Rex Caidis                      Queen's name, Regina Caidis 
Crescent Principal Herald, Kingdom of Caid

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