Monday, 7 October 2013

Caid Order of Chiron Wording

All nobility, know ye by these presents that King's name and Queen's name , King and Queen of the Sovereign Realm of Caid, bid you greeting. Whereas those of Our subjects who have demonstrated exceptional skill with the bow, and the more by their virtuous acts and noble demeanour are to be admired and commended, We are right well pleased to elevate Name to the Order of Chiron of Caid. By this Grant do We affirm his/her sole and uncontested right to bear the arms Blazon . Furthermore do We grant, in token of Our regard, the right to bear as achievement the cognizance of the Order: a blue medallion bearing the sagittary Chiron in silver, within a silver bordure embattled, pendant from a blue ribbon surrounding the shield; the whole surmounted by {a steel-grey helmet}/{an ancient coronet Or} with mantling/ribands color  doubled metal [as in the margin more plainly sheweth]. This have We done this date day of month, Anno Societatis SCA year which is Anno Domini AD year. In witness whereof We have here set Our Great Seal, and signed these presents in Our hand. So also doth Crescent Herald of Caid attest by seal and signature to the validity of the name and armoury herein.

_____________________________     _____________________________
King's Name, Rex Caidis                      Queen's name, Regina Caidis 
Crescent Principal Herald, Kingdom of Caid

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